At present, a number of individuals regard chess as not a mere board game. They equate chess to a philosophy, and even a variation of lifestyle. It is rife with intrigue, mystery, excitement and challenges, excitement, mystery and intrigue. It is so fascinating that pieces of art and literature portray various aspects of the sport. The proof of this is observed in the variety of chessboards and pieces all made to look unique and appealing to the discerning consumer, who may want to theme his or her tastes.

Not surprisingly, there’s also a group of fanatics who are not just loving the game but also delving into chess set collectibles. It is true to say that chess is a growing phenomenon world wide. Its image has greatly evolved: from boring and old-school, chess is now seen as hip and hot! I can’t see this increased interest waning any time soon either. There’s no better time to expand, if not start, your chess set collection than today.

As you probably know, chess sets can be made from a wide selection of materials. Crystals are a popular choice, and so are metal, glass, ceramic and wood. They are all crafted nicely and the aesthetics are sure to stand out. There’s always something for everybody.

Perhaps your first concern about starting a chess set collection is the monetary aspect. After all, good sets are pricey aren’t they? Can you indeed afford it, you wonder. 

Well, the fact of the matter is: chess sets are marketed at a wide price range. There are expensive sets, but there are also inexpensive ones that you can spot in shops. You have current pieces and antique sets to pick from, for a start. Keep in mind that you’re making a purchase not only for your current collection, but also for the future. Ask yourself this question: Does this piece show any potential to be a priced antique years from now?

As you gain buy-and-select experience, you become more confident about your knack for spotting a good deal from a bad one. In fact, you can even expand your network of contacts in the business.

Caveat: the temptation to shop on impulse is not a remote possibility, but the practice may leave you with more regrets than pleasure. Thoroughly inspect the set prior to finalizing your buying decision. There are some cunning businessmen who can take advantage of your excitement and will sell you low-quality sets at a steep price.

With a great buy – superb price and fantastic quality combined – you can bring home a collection with all smiles on your face.

Source by David Powers