Are you aware that penis enlargement is a very sensitive issue in today’s world? A very good amount of men will either not talk about it or completely dismiss it out of hand and maintain that penis enlargement does not work at all. The truth still remains that you can get a larger penis only if you are ready to learn how to naturally make your penis bigger just by following some routine effectively.

You can make your penis bigger naturally up to 3 inches or more using just your hands and doing the right thing you supposed to do. I actually went from a puny 5.5 inches long and 5 inches around to over 8 inches long and exactly 6 inches around.

It is a pure fact that in spite of all that a man has to worry about – his image, his physique, his style, his career- the size of his penis is always near the top of the list (and he is usually interested in learning how to naturally get a bigger penis).

Your present penis size does not really matter. You could be well above the average size and still feel like you need to learn how to naturally make your penis bigger. That is totally natural. After all, when it comes to our friend down there, bigger is always better.

The question now is what exactly constitutes a larger penis naturally? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as breaking out the old ruler; there are many other parameters that one must take into account if a full discussion of penis size is to be had, and hopefully that is exactly what you are going to discover in few minutes time after reading this article.

It is no more a news that women love bigger penis. They may not come right out and say it, but you can bet that they do. Bigger means more satisfaction. Larger penis can give someone a natural boost in self-confidence that comes from knowing fully well that you are head and shoulders above the competition. And when you don’t have to worry about your performance in the bedroom, you can just focus on techniques that will blow her mind away. That’s the joy of learning how to make your penis bigger naturally

How To Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

The tips that I am about to share with you are home made confirmed techniques that works and they work NATURALLY to make your penis larger and longer. And it is vital because natural methods are the only way you can make your penis to grow bigger with no side effects. What I would like you to realize is that using pills or other means could end up doing more harm than good on the long run. If you think am kidding,

Just ask questions.

=>One of the ways to naturally make your penis bigger is by using ginger. Have you ever heard of ginger? Do you really know that it helps to boost your weak immune system and penis erection? Even if you are hearing it for the first time today, I want to let you know that it really does help to make your penis grow bigger. In actual fact the ginger nutrient is very helpful in many other ways than one can start mentioning here.

=>Another means is by taking dark chocolate to get a bigger penis. Are you aware that dark chocolate helps to increase your sex drive? If you are not aware then learn it today. Dark chocolate especially if you take the ones with a high concentration of cacao with a low amount of sugar in it will help increase your blood flow because of the flavonol contains in it. Dark chocolate has antioxidants which helps to cleanse the blood; however you have to take them moderately due to the excess calorie it has in order to avoid weight gain.

=>Heard of cayenne pepper before? I bet this article could be one of the best articles you have ever read regarding how to naturally make your penis bigger this year. You may be wondering why I said that. Okay, my dear friends just listen to this. I want to bring to your notice that if you can get a dash of cayenne mixed with apple cider vinegar and take them every morning for 7 days straight… your penis size will start increasing significantly.

Having mentioned all the above meals. Based on the scientifically proven hypothesis, the BEST exercise to naturally make your penis bigger is by stretching it. You do this when it is not erect. This simple act a few times a day will lengthen the structure and give you a bigger penis. A good method of exercising and increasing both the penis girth and the penis size is through squeezing. I discovered how to do this exercise the best way from penis advantage program.

There are two ways to use your hand. You can do it downward {when it is not erect} or upward when it is erect. Do this gently 3-4 times a day and within 3 months you will start seeing visible results.

The penile structure of man is NOT made up of bones! Most folks still don’t know that yet. It contains muscles {not bones} and these muscles eat up more blood so they can stand and remain erect when the man is sexually aroused. {Now you can see why eating the above meals to boost your blood circulation is very important if you really want to learn how to naturally make your penis bigger}.

Source by Davis Kelly