An ultrasonic cleaner’s purpose is to clean fragile items with the use of ultrasonic waves. They were designed to protect delicate jewelry and surgical instruments while also thoroughly cleaning the items. Both home and commercial use ultrasonic cleaners are available for purchase.

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1. Purchase your ultrasonic cleaner from a specialty website. For example, has ultrasonic cleaners at reasonable prices backed by extended warranties.

2. Figure out the tank capacity of the cleaner. Depending on your needs, you may need a larger tank to clean jewelry and other items. A 750ml tank or larger should be ideal for basic cleaning.

3. Compare the power consumption. The wattage is an important consideration when shopping for an ultrasonic cleaner. A standard model that is inexpensive will operate on 30W to 50W.

4. Get an ultrasonic cleaner that comes with holders for cleaned items. The CD Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with a watch and jewelry holder as well as a CD case meant to hold cleaned compact discs.

5. Invest in a digital ultrasonic cleaner. These cleaners allow for easy-to-set operation of the device. The Ultrasonic Cleaner which has a digital setting that permits you to change cleaning times is your good choice.

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