What is a Turnkey Website?

Unlike other types of websites,  Turnkey Websites are built to automatically generate revenue for the website business owner. Turnkey Websites do not require the business owner to be computer savvy at all. Since everything operates automatically there is no real labor for the owner in regards to stocking inventory, dealing with customers, and shipping merchandise. In fact, anyone can own a Turnkey Website and become successful as long as they buy their Turnkey Website from a qualified dealer who properly edits and installs the scripts for the new website owner. Other than marketing and advertising, owning a Turnkey Website is practically maintenance free.

What to look for when purchasing a Turnkey Website:

  • Does the dealer offer full setup, support and hosting to go with your website, or is the dealer just interested in selling you the website files? Is a domain name included? And if so, will the dealer transfer the domain name over to you free of charge?
  • Look for hidden fees. Is the seller up front about hosting fees? If the seller offers you free hosting — find out exactly how long the hosting is free for. Avoid any sellers that want you to agree to some kind of contract or profit share.  
  • Make sure that you are able to see a “live” demo of the Turnkey Website before you buy. Look for any problems and/or broken links. If the seller cannot provide a live version of the site that works properly, then how can you trust that the site you buy is going to be functional after you get it?
  • When buying a Turnkey Website, make sure that it reflects a niche market that you are interested in. People tend to be more interested in marketing their Turnkey Website successfully if their website reflects an industry that they are passionate about.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Turnkey Website?

  • Affordability! Turnkey Websites cost a fraction of what a custom built website costs. This is because the website designer has already built the template for the Turnkey Website, which saves the buyer hundreds or even thousands of dollars in designing costs. There is no middle man, no programmer, and  no website designer that you need to “hire” to have your website built.
  • Ease of Use! Turnkey Websites sell products or services automatically by linking to partner sites. The partner sites then pay the Turnkey Website Business Owner a commission for every sale. There is no inventory to stock, no customers to deal with, and nothing to ship. The Turnkey Website is truly turn-key!
  • Security! Owning a Turnkey Website is an excellent investment choice for just about anyone who is effected by today’s economic uncertainty. Whether you have just lost your job, or want to supplement your existing income while working from the comfort of your home, owning a Turnkey Website Business is a smart choice.

How Do Turnkey Websites Generate Revenue?

Turnkey Websites have tracking information integrated into the website’s html code to track all the visitor clicks and sales. Whenever a sale happens on the website,  the  linking partner sites delivers the merchandise or service to the customer. The partner website, called the affiliate website, pays the Turnkey Website Business owner a commission for the sale. The Turnkey Website Businesses that are sold at ABC Design Studio link to multiple affiliate partners, which means that the Turnkey Website Business owner will be able to earn multiple streams of revenue just from owning one turnkey website!

Source by Kendra Fagan