As with any other profession or career, if you really want to make money online you need to first be trained and properly prepared. There is no getting around the fact that in order to be successful in any career or business you must first learn or be trained. The biggest mistake people make when trying to start an online business is that they just jump right in, totally unprepared.

Even though there are "internet gurus" out there that will tell you that it takes no more than the belief that you can do it, that's just not true. You absolutely need the proper training and guidance in order to do things the right way and become successful.

And, while it is true that an online business is easier and much more enjoyable than what you have to deal with in a regular "9-5" (ie not having to punch a clock, not having to work for someone else who does not ' T even really appreciate you, doing something you do not even like, etc.) there are still rules you must follow in order to be successful in internet marketing.

So, why is it that most people will not really make any money online while others make more in one month than most people make in a whole year?

Well, the first requirement for being successful in making money online is that you must be passionate about the company you are working with and the products or service.

What I mean by "passion" is that you have researched the company and its products or service, and really "like what you see". Then you will have the excuse, the desire to learn and the willingness to put in the required amount of work.

Now, please understand that even though you must have passion, it is not the only thing that is necessary to have a successful online business. In order to be successful you must also have a good website, the right marketing tools, effective advertising, company support, etc. Even though these things are usually learned from the company you are working with, if you do not possess the passion you will significantly reduce your chances for succeeding. In other words, without passion there is little to no motivation.

Internet marketing does not usually require all that much time or difficult work. But you need the passion which, in turn, will give you the motivation to get you going with a sustained effort so that you can actually succeed.

Ultimately you should find a company that you like and feel confident in. Make sure the company has a solid background, ethical principles and legitimate quality products or services that you truly believe in. This is how you will acquire your passion.

If you find a company where you hear yourself saying things like, "it sounds good" or "it has a great compensation plan", then you do not really have the necessary passion for that company. And please note that even though you may hear some "internet guru" say that a good company and compensation plan are enough, do not be neglected. Keep in mind that these "gurus" are very experienced and can sell just about anything, with or without passion.

Remember, there are other steps you must take before you can become successful at internet marketing. But if you do not first acquire the passion for the company and its products or services, then you will only find yourself becoming frustrated and feeling defeated. Find the all right "ingredients" and you will succeed!

Source by Saul Lester