Are you like me? New circumstances where although I am blessed with no mortgage, still need to make an income every month to cover the normal bills and living expenses. So, like many of you with infinite variations of home situations, I thought I could turn my 'office skills' into 'work from home skills'.

However, while I currently work as a Virtual Assistant part-time for a company in the UK, my income is not anywhere near where I would like it, just to be what I class as comfortable, you know what I mean, right? Well, I have been looking for a work at home opportunity that would also make me stupidly rich overnight because that would be my dream! Wake Up Sacha And Smell The Coffee! Twenty years on and none the wiser, in fact an awful lot worse if given how much I have spent on systems through my life, at least these days you have an option to apply for a refund which is indeed something.

I have come across many systems that promote everything is on automatic and it a 3 step system to overnight wealth but sadly having had a go, have only been disappointed at the lack of up to date information or the misleading 3 step system which actually only applies Once you have basically completed the 'course' it comes with. It's like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back!

Beware that one system I bought (and had refunded) was big on promoting a system to attract traffic like no-ones business and I was taken in by the English voice rather than the usual American. However, when I got to the bottom of this '13 click 'system to increase traffic it turned out that it involved' cloaking '. So that you fool the verification units as to the address you are actually sending traffic to by sending them to a 'ghost' site if you will, one which abides by all the rules. To some of you this may sound like an idea worth trying – except I had read on the sales guru's site I refer to below that the strictly requested that 'cloaking' was not used as they had discovered it void the connection to the payment page So did not work – so please do not get hooked by that one. Leave 'cloaking' alone.

Well I have actually found a site that provides access to a live website which lists companies who are have verified and offer work that can be done remotely. Whatever it is marketing / legal transcription / diary management / appt making / typing / data entry and more. Also it sees to available around the world. They site sees live and is updated fairly regularly plus massively user friendly. You can see instantly what the job title is and where in the world and how much is also stated. I work as a Virtual Assistant already and found this helpful in order to build up my work portfolio.

The same week I came across another email which I was tempted to check out because it was a free e-book. Than then spelled everything out. It seems some people are catching on to the fact that many of us would like to climb aboard the internet marketing vessel but just do not know how to swim so are apprehensive. So in order to grow their own name and business, they offer the chance to have a website done overnight and then it is up to you to find the customers. The good thing is that you do not have the fiasco of finding a product and then building the site and then the marketing. Now it appears that there is one cost involved here which is basically buying the product, which in itself is massively given given that this includes the instant site, product and ability to keep 100% of any money you make as a result. The author's theory is that they are a sales guru and if you need further marketing tools, then having started down that road with the help you have been given, trust is formed and you will then return to the author for further sales products to help you Along. The only snag I have found with this is that if you do not have much, or indeed any, experience you get now fast but you are bombarded with emails encouraging you to spend more on better products to help your sales.

Whilst getting excited at this product I then received another email in the same week again from another site. But for those of you out there who are seriously curious and interested about learning something about the internet marketing industry, believe that this is finally a company not simply after your money but actually interested in teaching you.

This is a private club and is owned and managed by a self-made millionaire in this industry but has turned his energies and time to producing a proper online library of tutorials going into detail about every angle and no stone is left unturned. The tutorials are in bite-sized chunks and real live screen shots which makes a difference. The technical team I have found not to be recorded but a small personally trained team who support you with every major / trivial query you may want to ask. This is an important fact when you have come across the 'live assistant' who is nothing more than a recorded message.

There is a monthly membership fee but for that fee there is constant support, access to everything 24/7 and new fresh information and training added to the vault every month. Plus they do update on everything that comes up new on another program that would normally be used so since they produce a little video to show what the update is / how to use it / how it is or is not beneficial.

It is nice to see that after 20 yrs online, there is one place where you do get what you are hiring for. There are far too many social networking places out there and all they do is tell you what their business is but are not at all interested in what yours is or there are just so so many are swamped! It seems so impersonal. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and there are people who genuinely want to help those of us make some progress out there in this past and ever increasing world of internet marketing.

I hope reading this has made some of you feel sane and reinstate some hope that not all business systems are designed by sharks!

Thanks for reading this,

Source by Sacha Hart