Martingale dog collars are useful for training a dog, since they give a gentle correction to the dog. Adjustable martingale collars are useful for owners that have a puppy since the collar can expand while the dog is growing.

Tools & Supplies

The tools & supplies needed for this project are pretty simple. You will need some 1″ webbing, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a D-ring, three sliders and a sewing machine. If you can’t find the sliders, D-rings will do just fine

STEP 1 – Sewing On The First Slider

First, you are going to make the main part of the collar. For a medium sized collar, cut a 20 inch piece of webbing. Fold the webbing over one loop of the slider and sew two up and down seams with your sewing machine.

STEP 2 – Making The Control Loop Part 1

Cut a 12 inch length of webbing and thread on the remaining sliders. To add the D-ring, overlap the webbing ends by about two inches & pin them together.

STEP 3 – Making The Control Loop – Part 2

Sew two up and down seams each on either side of the D-ring.

STEP 4 – Putting the Collar Together

Taking the end of the main webbing of the collar, thread the it through the one of the sliders of the control loop, taking care to make sure that the D-ring is facing to the outside. Now thread the webbing through the slider of the collar. Finally, thread the collar webbing through the last control loop slider.

STEP 5 – Finishing The Collar

Sew two up and down seams to finish the last end of the collar and you’re ready to put your new collar on your dog!

Source by Karen Friesecke