Solving the rubix cube is not an easy task. In fact for the majority of the people this task is so hard, that they leave it after few days and never solving it. By learning these simple methods you will be able to know how to solve a rubix cube quickly and efficiently.

The most popular way to solve the rubix cube was developed by David Singmaster, which suggested that the cube should be solved layer by layer: first solve the top layer, than go for the middle layer, and in the end the bottom layer. This method is very organized and logical. If you will practice this technique you will be able to solve the rubix cube under one minute!

Corners method: The aim of this technique is to arrange all the corner pieces in the correct positions and orientation. After the corner pieces are in place you will be able to solve the rest of the cube very intuitively, and without changing the position of the corners.

Cross method: this is the opposite method from the corner technique. You can solve the rubix cube very fast if you will form a cross figure in the middle of the first layer. This will enable you to scramble the rest of the corner pieces freely, after you completed  the top middle layer of the rubix cube.

Algorithms method: algorithm is a list of instructions for achieving solution and position from any given state. There are lots of rubix cube algorithms that you can find on the internet, learn and memorize them. In fact there is algorithm for any position of the cube. So basically if you know few of them, you will be able to twist the cube to the right status.

Cheat: if you still can’t figure the right rubix cube solution and you must complete it, you can always break it down and assemble it right. This is the fastest and the easiest way, however you might break it completely and you will have to buy another rubix cube.

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