The most important thing about the rubix cube is that it constructed with a perfect symmetry. If you like to know How to solve a rubix cube, than this information will help you very much, in fact the symmetry of the cube is the winning key for the solution.

If you will take a closer look at your rubix cube you will find out that the center cubes don’t moves at all, the ones that you can change their place are those around them. Yet they all lined up in repeated order blue near the yellow, yellow near the green and so on. Therefore when you move one piece you will notice that another piece on the other side of the cube moves symmetrical.

After understanding this concept we can now go a head in our mission on how to solve a rubix cube with symmetry. Keep one color on the top of the cube and go further until the bottom. The best way to solve the cube is to move the edge pieces to the top center then match the corners and after that the sides of the cube. The middle layer of the cube is basically a follow up to the first layer, so you should not have any problem with it. However the bottom layer is the most difficult, because you have to play it very carefully, or you will mess up the order that you already accomplished within the first and second layer. A rubix cube algorithm can help you to solve the third layer very efficiently, even if at first it will looks like everything is not in the right place, after applying the algorithm for several times you will see that every cubic come to it’s right place.

Mastering the strategies of the Rubix Cube Solution can take time; this little brainy game is design in that way. The more you go advanced with it the more patience and efforts you need to invest – step by step, layer after layer.

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