Did you know that once you know how to teach your cat to use the toilet both you and your cat will receive a lot of benefits? Research has shown that cats are generally happier and more healthy once they have learned how to use the toilet. The dyes and fragrances that are in most kitty litter can have undesired health effects on cats.

There are two routes to take when teaching your cat to use the toilet. You can make it really hard, causing extreme frustration and anger for both you and your cat. This route is easy to achieve if you do not have the right information or know the best steps to take. On the other hand, you can learn how to teach your cat to use the toilet in a much more relaxing and easy way.

One might think that training a cat to use the toilet would be a basic and common sense undertaking. However, the likelihood of successfully toilet training your cat without specific steps is pretty low. There are a lot of factors that go into learning how to teach your cat to use the toilet. Missing one step can undermine all your efforts and even worse can cause your cat to retaliate with bad behavior. Another way to ensure you fail at toilet training your cat is to not have all the correct materials and supplies that are necessary for the training stages. You can not just place your cat on the toilet seat and expect to train them. Doing this is just a recipe for traumatizing your cat.

There is no need for despair however. The right information and the correct steps are available and even better you do not have to look in multiple places to piece it all together. Also you will learn some valuable insight into the mind of your cat and why they do the things they do. This information sheds a lot of light on why taking certain steps in toilet training your cat are so crucial. So yes, you can learn how to teach your cat to use a toilet in a way that is easy and stress free for both you and your cat.

Source by Brandie May