If you are looking to make some extra money, consider gold scrap. Gold prices are up right now, and if you have any gold chains, jewelry, rings, pins or any kind of gold jewelry that you don’t wear much, or are looking to part with, then sell it online.

You can walk into gold buyers and jewelry stores and sell your gold, but I have found that there is a higher profit to be made selling online. I am not sure why, maybe because the physical stores have such high overheads, or they just want to see a bigger profit, but why line their pockets?. Check out the gold scrap online.

This can be broken jewlery as well as wearable gold. Don’t throw it away because the chain is broken. You could be sitting on some extra cash.

So, go through your jewelry boxes, or through your house, or your dresser, where you threw that broken gold chain. Then take a look online and see what you can get.

You could also consider buying and selling gold scrap for extra cash. Get yourself familiar with the online prices of gold and and you will be able to spot a deal right away.

This is a great way to make money on the internet without having a website, ads, or afiliates, with no cost to you, other than a listing fee.

Scour the estate sales, bazaars, garage sales, and you will be amazed how many people will have broken gold jewelry for sale for quite cheap, since it will need repairing, and they don’t always realize that there is value in the gold chain itself.

So, get out there and turn your new hobby into a business and buy and sell gold scrap.
gold scrap online

Source by Diane Palmer