If you are looking to do something bigger and better at the trade show booths you operate next year, there are a lot of different options available. From fancier signs and snazzier logos to better freebies and professional videos, you can make your trade show exhibits more interactive and fun for each of your visitors.

Many of these things can be done simply, but creating high quality videos may be a little more complicated than you anticipated. In most cases, you should choose to have them produced professionally to ensure maximum success at your trade show booths. Most of all, make sure the information in the video is relevant to your trade show exhibits’ audience. There are several things you can do to enhance your promotional video.

Tips For Making A Better Video For Your Trade Show Exhibits

Optimizing your videos for use at conventions is much easier if you follow these easy steps:

  1. Incorporate client testimonials and product or service reviews from real clients.
  2. Clearly explain your company’s mission and goals and detail the different ways your company is able to help its clients.
  3. Use evergreen topics and promos so that your videos are relevant whatever the season.
  4. When using graphics, choose up-to-date styles that appeal to your audience.
  5. Use your video for more than just background noise by making it a part of something bigger, like a product unveiling or business expansion.
  6. Don’t just drop a video monitor in the middle of your trade show exhibits and let your video play on a continuous loop. Effective trade show booths incorporate the video expertly, making them a part of the larger design and the overall presentation.
  7. Develop several videos if you have the budget for them, and rotate them throughout the duration of the event.
  8. Make videos that will stay relevant. Avoid fads and trends that will soon be outdated so that you can reuse the media at upcoming shows.
  9. Hire someone to do professional voiceovers to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Use Media After The Show

For maximum benefit, create videos that have multiple uses. Aim to create entertaining pieces that can be used in these additional ways:

  1. Upload your promos to YouTube and Facebook to extend your marketing reach. You can encourage others to share and retweet it. If they are remarkable in some way, they might even go viral!
  2. Use your event video to promote your products in other venues, showing their different uses and highlighting their exceptional quality.
  3. Play them in your reception area back at the office for visitors to watch while they wait.
  4. Use all or part of the video for advertising on your website or for television advertising promos.

Remember that you cannot rely on videos to do all of the work for you. Booth staff members still need to interact with each visitor and answer any additional questions. Another important point to remember is that videos do not replace traditional literature and other tangible items; guests need something they can take with them to help them remember your company even after the big show.

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