The World is changing to Web 3.0, but why should you bother?

The world is becoming more and more social as the number of social networking sites and other online platforms increase. From the concept of Web 2.0, we are moving to the concept of Web 3.0. A very high number of customers prefer using a product based on word – of – mouth rather than just watching an advertisement. This has made organizations work rigorously to change their strategies towards retaining their present customers as well as acquiring new customers.


In Social CRM, the key is the CUSTOMER. It is very important to look at the points and places of discussion for the customer. Most importantly, organizations should concentrate and work towards improving the experience for a customer who they think has the highest potential and value for improving their productivity. This way the organization can avoid wastage of time and resources on the other unwanted customers as well as target the right customers.

Where is Social CRM leading to for the IT and BPO sectors?

Social CRM is leading to a sort of revolution in the world of IT and BPO service providers as well. They are looking at this as an opportunity to extend and improve their CRM and BPO services to include the social networks and platforms.

More and more organizations are realizing that the rules to engage with the customers and with their communities are changing. The faster they innovate, the more competitive and productive they would get. This is turning out to be the CRM 2.0 or the social network CRM.

But why should you bother at all?

Customer acquisition is the key to the success of any business. With the world going flat, and customers interacting with each other in real-time on various social networks and other channels, engaging a customer is the first step towards a successful customer acquisition strategy.

Your customers are talking about what they need, what they like and also about you! The key to effective lead generation and also solid customer service, while reducing the operational cost of the delivery, is to be where your customers are. And Social CRM empowers your business to do just that!

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Source by Rakesh Dutta