Huggies throwaway nappies are fairly well known around the world with their wide range of products. Currently they are offering free diapers to people that are interested!

Huggies Ultra diapers are very good absorbent. It soaks up moisture and keeps baby’s soft skin dry and healthy. Its ultra dry layer and ultra absorbent pad prevents leakage for more than 12 hours and hence keeps baby’s delicate skin dry and free from rashes. It in addition has soft cloth like cover that also keeps baby’s skin dry.
Huggies Ultra {diapers also have soft magic tapes for better fixing and tightening.
Its leg are cut down and designed in such a way that permits straightforward movement and comfort to the baby. ( For a limited time, Huggies, Luvs, and Pampers are providing free diapers! Click now to sign up )
Huggies Ultra diapers come in two sizes :

Medium suited for baby weighted 10-12 kg and enormous suited for baby weighted 8-13 kg.

Huggies Dry nappies :

Huggies Dry diapers are thin soft and light, especially made for overnite. It provides spectacular protection from leaking overnite. Its super absorbent pads absorb moisture and prevents from seepage. It has non sticky grip tapes for fixing and unfixing diapers fast and simply. It’s best suited for active babies because of its stretchable waist bands. Cottony inner and outer cover keep’s baby skin soft.
Huggies Dry diapers are available in for size ranges :

little size for baby weighing upto7 kg
Medium size for baby weighing from five to 11kg.

Huggies care diapers will be available at particularly reasonable price so that the majority of the fogeys can afford.
Available sizes are :
giant – eight to 14kg

Huggies New Born diapers :

Huggies have introduced and manufactured nappies especially for new born babies. Its fabric is ultra soft and forestalls diaper rashes in any way. It has ultra soft sorcery tapes designed especially not forgetting the tender soft skin of new born babies.
Get in on their limited time offer of free diapers before the offer runs dry! Get your free diapers today!

Huggies- Free Diapers


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