You Said, “I Do Arts And Crafts As A Hobby And Want To Sell Them Online!”

You don’t say!? Well, many folks all over America who make things from clothing, cards and scrapbooks, to handbags, jewelry, art work, and also much more, are selling their “works of art” online! Some of these folks also sell their crafts at a local, annual bazaar at their club or church, or even in a neighborhood art festival, and others sell them through word-of-mouth advertising. Word of mouth is such a powerful thing when a friend tells a friend, who turns around and tells another friend!

My name is Father Time, and I have a wonderful website where I sell thousands of awesome gift items, as well as my great writing services. You, however, don’t have to have your own website if you don’t want to; you can actually sell your crafts through some other big site, where many people gather, to buy and sell anything that is handmade! There is this wonderful website called Etsy, and you can actually enter through my listing:  where you will see my profile, and if you decide to join, please tell them I sent you!

One of the things that I write is greeting card verses, and I have compiled an e-book of verse that hobbyists can use inside their own handmade cards. My e-book is listed for sale on that site, listed above, and they have thousands of other great items made by people everywhere!

As a published writer of over thirty years, I am also getting busier these days by writing for hire, for people who have their own websites and need some good articles written for article marketing purposes! If you need something like that, please be sure to visit      and find out more!

Whether you create your own website, and hire someone such as myself, to write for you to promote your new website, or if you decide to sell through a site such as Etsy, the main thing is that you can be a self-employed entrepreneur, selling your own arts and crafts and you can reach the world via the internet! Good Luck to you and Many Blessings!

P.S. Please don’t let ANYONE tell you that you cannot do something that you really believe you can do!

Source by Father Time