You read that right, I murder the currency markets, I beat them up everyday, I treat it like it was a punk and kick its butt then I laugh all the way to the bank doing it. I snicker at others who say “Investing in the Forex Markets is Tough.” Yea, for fools it is. If you have an IQ above 12, then it is pretty much impossible not to make a fortune if you have the smallest clue.

Really, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that a currency can only go in one of two directions, up or down. When I looked at that years ago, I thought to myself, “Let me get this straight, I have a 50% chance of selecting a winning trade even if I don’t know anything.” How can I lose, I said to myself? You can’t is the answer.

That is correct sir; you virtually break even investing in the currency markets if you blindfold yourself and throw darts at a board when selecting a currency to invest in. So really, how hard can it be? No to hard! Just imagine what your odds increase to if you actually know what your doing, 60%, 65% or maybe 75%? You know what being correct in the currency markets buys you if you reach those percentages? Any thing you want is the answer.

That how it all started roughly 10 years ago. When I saw those odds I knew there was no way I was not going to become rich in the FX markets. I said to myself, “I have to learn what I am doing right away.” I started researching the internet for Forex courses that could teach me how to select a winning currency to invest in.

That’s when I had a little bit of good fortune hit me, like a hammer on the head that is. The first currency class I ever enrolled in to this day was the best one I have ever taken. And I have purchased about 50 of them at last count. It started me down the path of just killing the currency markets and never looking back. The best thing I have ever done, to tell you the truth.

The name of the course is Forex Trading Made E Z and I highly recommend it. It is so inexpensive, the last time I checked it only cost $97 and it has made me so much, it is embarrassing to even mention it. It only takes 5 minutes to check out this program and if you really want to make the big bucks this is the exact place to start.

Source by William R. Alheim, Jr.