Last year, I heard of my Timberland shoes from my best friend. She said to me this brand shoes had a little costly comparing with some other casual shoes, but they were really worthy investment. I was heart-moved by her words and picked one pair of Timberland shoes online. When I received that new shoes and put the first glace on them, I did not think they were unique from the appearance. But I did not regret buying this pair of shoes at that time.

My timberland shoes are brown and made of sheepskin. You maybe know that the biggest feature of Timberland shoes is waterproof. Due to they are made with unique material and different workmanship, they can protect my feet from water. Even though it is a such rainy day, I can wear this pair of Timberland shoes on feet and the water will never invade in my shoes.

Since I bought this pair of shoes, I usually wear them as they can bring me comfy and warm feeling. My boyfriend always suggest to me that I had better change another pair of shoes every each day as it will make the shoes broken easily. I know this law, but I am not willing to take them off as no other brand shoes can bring me such same feeling.

For girls, we usually put much attention on beauty and want to be the center of focus in crowd. When it come to buying a pair of new shoes, the stylish look always plays more important role in our view. So may be you think Timberland shoes are well known as their durability and conform, they will not meet you fashionable desire. No, you are wrong, my Timberland shoes not only bring me conform and warm, but they also help me produce stylish appearance. I can match casual clothing with the shoes, which make me look more active. I never think I fall behind with fashion trend with Timberland shoes on feet.

Lastly, any shoes should get careful maintenance, or they will get stained or old quickly, so do the Timberland shoes. Although I said I am not willing to take them off once I put them on, I usually put the shoes sun in the sunshine in order to make them restore which is good for shoes. I did not know how to maintain them well before, but I got much useful information on the website which was a reputable online store and my timberland were from there.

If you are searching for a new pair of shoes which can be worn wherever and whenever, Timberland shoes are your rare choice. Do not hesitate! Do not let the opportunity pass from you!

I love my Timberland shoes! I love enjoying the feeling of wearing them on feet!


Source by jenny