Who does not? In this troubled economy many people are facing financial destruction and do not know where to turn … sometimes the internet is the answer.

There sure are enough marketing "Gurus" out there trying to profit off this desperation and the fact hat millions of people all over the world really, really need to make money right now. And they need to do it in a hurry.

What about you? Have you fallen for any of those get rich money making plans yet? How about the push button magical systems that flood your bank account while you sip some fruity drink on a beach somewhere?

Do not feel bad if you have, desperation is a powerful motivator and there is no shortage of people who will use your despair against you and take the last little bit of money you have left.

Please understand that while it is vital to your success online to learn from someone who has already done it, you do not need to spend a fortune to do so.

You can get a great education in internet marketing for under fifty bucks if you take your time and do not jump on the next sales letter you read.

These sales letters are designed to make you buy, so resist the urge to do so until you have checked out all your options.

Now, in the beginning you will want to start by selling someone else's products because you most likely do not have your own.

And I'm not talking about selling physical things either, they cost too much to produce and to ship so you do not make much in commission.

But, if you sell digital products like eBooks then there is no production or shipping charges and the owners will pay you 50-75% in commissions, it really is a win-win for everyone involved and the best way to get online and make money without spending a dime of your own.

So, if you really, really need to make money and make it fast, the internet and affiliate marketing is the only way to go!

Source by Bailey Kelso