This is our ICE9 Technology scam review and you definitely need to stick around to see what we have to say about it. We are told that it is the world’s best automated cryptocurrency trading system, but we have some really serious doubts about this. While we found no evidence that the ICE9 Technology app is the real deal, we found plenty of evidence to confirm that it is indeed a total scam. This is our ICE9 Technology review and you need to find out just how malicious and dangerous this system really is.

ICE9 Technology scam

ICE9 Technology Program & Fake Third Party Reviews

One of the first red flags that came to our attention about this ICE9 Technology scam app is that they use a bunch of lies to try and gain some momentum. These crooks claim that this so called awesome cryptocurrency trading app received praise and was featured on reputable financial news sites including Forbes Magazine and Business Insider. Well, this is simply not true at all.

We looked up the ICE9 Technology system in the archives of both of these trusted business news sites and neither of them brought us any results. In other words, these guys simply lie about being featured on these news websites. There is absolutely no truth to this. Neither the Business Insider nor Forbes has ever mentioned the ICE9 Technology app, not even in passing, and not even in a negative way. They could not care any less about this bogus cryptocurrency automated trading tool.


ICE9 Technology App – Fake Team Members

The next obvious indication that the ICE9 Technology system is a rip off has to do with the alleged team members. On the website and during the presentation video, we are told that there are several men at the helm of this operation. These men include Aaron Palmer, the lead programmer, Gary Larson, the director of intelligence, and John Faraday, the CEO. While these men all look like the real deal, mainly because of their nice suits, they are anything but genuine people.

Not a single one of these guys came up with any comprehensive search results. Besides their acting relation with this ICE9 Technology system, we could not find any evidence that they actually exist, not so much as a social media profile. We found the acting profiles for all of these men online, which is the final nail in the coffin for these crooks as far as we are concerned. The bottom line is that these men simply do not exist at all. They are patsies, scapegoats being used to mask the true identities of the real criminals running ICE9 Technology software.

ICE9 Technology Actor


ICE9 Technology User Testimonials – FAKE!

Yet another indication that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the fake ICE9 Technology user testimonials that we see on the website. Just like the owners themselves, all of the people who left reviews and testimonials are completely fictitious personalities. For one, all of the ICE9 Technology user testimonials are way too positive to be real. Not a single one of the reviewers has the least bit of a negative thing to say, which is a bad sign.

However, the real bummer here is that all of the people we see are just made up characters. They consist of nothing more than stolen stock images, fake names, and little blurbs written by the same scammers trying to peddle this ICE9 Technology scam in our direction. Do not trust the ICE9 Technology user testimonials because there are neither genuine nor honest.


ICE9 Technology System – Unlicensed

Something else that quickly came to our attention about this ICE9 Technology scam system is that it is not licensed to do anything at all. This is supposed to be an automated cryptocurrency trading system that takes your investment and uses crypto signals to place highly profitable trades. However, this kind of activity is considered to be a financial activity that requires company registration and special licenses.

We already know that the ICE9 Technology company is not real, the people behind it are choosing to stay hidden, and it doesn’t provide any positive results anyway. The problem is that an automated crypto signals provider like this could never get any kind of licensing. The company is fake and everything about it is a total lie. There is not a single licensing board in the world that would give these crooks a license to steal from you. Therefore, we are lead to believe that the ICE9 Technology system never makes any trades at all. It just steals money from innocent you.

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How Does The ICE9 Technology System Trade?

We do know that the ICE9 Technology system does not really work at all. We are informed that is uses high powered algorithms to execute highly successful trades. However, that is about all of the information that we are given about this cryptocurrency auto trader. This is not nearly enough to convince us that it works, especially after everything else that we have seen about it.

We need to know about trading strategies, indicators, analysis tools, algorithms, and all of that other fun stuff too. Telling us that this ICE9 Technology software uses advanced tech is not nearly enough. The only reason to be so vague about telling us how the ICE9 Technology app works is because it probably does not work at all.




Does The ICE9 Technology App Produce Profits?

If you did not already know, you will never make any kind of profit with this bogus cryptocurrency trading system. The ICE9 Technology app will never be beneficial for you in any way, shape, or form. It promises massive returns with almost zero chance of losing your money, all of that without ever telling us how this system actually works. We have talked to many people out there and they all say the same thing. They have all lost their whole investment and their money was never seen again.

ICE9 Technology scam alert

ICE9 Technology Review – Conclusion

If you are still thinking about giving the ICE9 Technology scam a try, please don’t, because all you will do is give yourself a headache and lose a whole lot of money.

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