ICoin Market software is a brand new Bitcoin trading service, one that has not impressed us in the least. Bitcoin has quickly become and extremely popular crypto currency and many people have been using it to sell, trade, and make purchases. In fact, over the last few years, the worth of a single Bitcoin has climbed astronomically. One single Bitcoin went from being somewhere around $50 a few years ago to now being worth close to $2,500.

It is easy to see why people want to take advantage of this market phenomenon and trade Bitcoin. However, people like you and me are not the only ones looking to make a profit here. Also, not everybody looking to make financial gains is honest or reliable. ICoin Market scam software is one of those unreliable and dishonest factors that we are talking about.

These guys are trying to feed off of all of the hype around Bitcoin, hoping that newbie investors will use the ICoin Market app in the hopes of making it big. Well, don’t get too excited and don’t get caught up in all of the drama here. The fact of the matter is that ICoin Market trading software is not at all what it seems to be at first glance. It is actually a very dangerous and malicious piece of computer engineering. Make no mistake about it. This ICoin Market scam review is going to reveal just exactly how fraudulent this software is and why you need to stay away from it.

How Does The ICoin Market Trading System Work?

One of the most important questions that always needs to be asked about any trading system is how it allegedly works to generate a profit for you. After all, the main purpose of these programs is to put cash in your pocket, so the method which it will achieve that with is very important. A bad trading method or strategy will surely lead to failure and lost funds on your behalf.

Well, in terms of ICoin Market software, we cannot really tell you exactly how it functions, and that is a major concern no doubt. If we don’t know how the program functions, what the underlying algorithms do, and exactly how it makes trades, then we cannot really confirm how high its profit potential is. The presentation video for this lackluster trading service does not tell us a single thing, the website holds no info of value, and neither does anywhere else on the internet.

We are supposed to believe that ICoin Market software can generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis, but we are never provided with relevant details as to its inner workings. If we can’t trust or rely on the way ICoin Market is supposed to work, then we cannot possibly trust in the fact that it even does work. For all we know, there are no real algorithms, methods, or strategies involved here. It is safe to assume that this whole thing is just an empty shell full of false promises.

ICoin Market Trading App – Who Runs The Show?

Whenever we examine any type of trading platform, whether it is for Bitcoin, Forex, binary options, or anything else, we need to know who is behind it all. This is because we need to know that the people in charge of it all are trustworthy. If you know that the people running the show are not to be trusted, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the program itself is just as untrustworthy.

In the case of ICoin Market software, we do not actually know who is behind it at all. That is almost as bad, or maybe even worse, as knowing that there are criminals running the show. You know what they say, better choose the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. In terms of ICoin Market scam software, we are never given a company name, the name of a person, or any kind of reference that would inform us as to who is in charge of this bogus software. We cannot possibly trust this Bitcoin trading program with our hard earned money because we don’t know if we can rely on the people who created it.

One word of advice, you definitely cannot trust these crooked people. When it comes to a supposed money making machine like ICoin Market software, the only reason for the creators or owners to stay anonymous is to protect themselves from criminal prosecution. They know darn well that what they are doing is highly illegal, so they want to stay hidden in the shadows to avoid being thrown in prison.

ICoin Market Scam Software – Investment Advice?

Yet another clear indication that this software is a total rip off has to do with the fact that they promise to provide us with financial investment advice. OK, so on its own, financial investment advice is obvious not a bad thing. It is good to have someone on your side that can help you make important decisions and handle your money in a way that will benefit you the most. The problem here is twofold.

When it comes to ICoin Market software, first off, the advice provided, as far as we can tell, is totally useless and nonsensical. Seriously, taking advices about your money from these guys is like asking a vegetarian which cut of beef is the best. You just are not going to get any good answers whatsoever.

Now, the bigger problem has to do with licensing and regulation. Any and every well established, civilized, and reputable country in the world requires financial advisors to be regulated and licensed. Well, guess what, ICoin Market scam software has neither the licensed nor the regulatory oversight to be legally allowed to provide you with investment advice. They are literally not allowed to do so. This is a huge problem in our eyes, because they are clearly doing something illegal, and taking financial advice from criminals is bound to end in total disaster and the annihilation of your trading portfolio.

ICoin Market App – What Profits

The final thing that we want to mention when it comes to this ridiculous and ludicrous trading program has to do with the profits. We are told that ICoin Market scam software can make daily profits of up to 200% of our initial investment, and it can supposedly do so on a daily basis. This claim might not be so ungrounded for Forex or binary options, but for Bitcoin it just does not make any sense. ICoin Market scam software makes some very big promises which are simply unachievable, unrealistic, and cannot be kept even if hell were to freeze over solid.

ICoin Market Scam Review – The VERDICT!

So, based on everything that we have discussed up until this point, it is painfully clear that ICoin Market software is cash grab. There is nothing legitimate about it. We have no clue who is behind it or how it supposedly works. They provide horrible financial advice which they aren’t even allowed to do, and their promise of big profits is totally absurd. This is a total money thieving scheme and you need to stay away from it.

Review Verdict: ICoin Market is a SCAM! 

Blacklisted Website: icoinmarket.com

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According to Alexa.com, icoinmarket.com is a very popular website and at the time of writing their global rank was 89,435. Much of their traffic comes from India, USA, Russia, Italy, Nigeria, Ukraine and South Africa.

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