Social Networking is a group of people that ban together on the Internet to share ideas like home base business deductions for tax purposes. And things like the latest based business home income opportunity and just about any other subject you can think of.

Some use very classy networks requiring a login and password allowing private access and some public access. Some offer very simple programs that allow just basic communication like forums where someone posts a subject. Then other members can reply with opinions and comments about the subject.

As an idea for home business promotion there is no place to make contact with more targeted prospects.

Just go to the major search engines and do a search for social networks, forums and blogs and you will many with interests related to your interests. That would be interested in your business or products.

Most all of them are free to join and some want you to upgrade and be a paid member for a monthly fee. Do not do this because you think you will make a lot of money only do it because you would like to have the better access to the capabilities of the site.

I see on the internet social networking have gotten so big that it has caught the eye of the heavy hitters. These guys with the big lists have created their own new social network and for a nice monthly fee you can join and make a lot of money. The truth is only the heavy hitters will make a lot of money and you and I will pay for it. Just spend a little time on the internet and you will see the same names pop up all the time in the new program of the week or month. If you are average like me stay as far away as you can, if the big names are in you can bet you will not make any money.

When joining the social networking market remember to be professional (NO SPAM) stick to the subject line. Build a rapport with the members because they do not care how much you know until they find out how much you care. When you get to this point people will come from everywhere to join your programs.

If you are not satisfied with the subject line and are looking for something a little different, you can start your own forum, chat group, blog or social network. If the subject is popular you will attract a lot of people and with a group of your own you can start a news letter to update your membership on your new programs and new products and special offer. This comes back to the idea of ​​building your own list. You hear this all the time you need a list and the money is the list well this is a very easy way to do it.

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Source by David Nettles