The more free stuff you have to give away at your booth at the next tradeshow the more popular you will be. Promotional items are always one of the best ways of advertising for your company, and there are particular products that are more attractive to men, here are the best of those.

The outdoor promotional products will do the trick with the guys, the sports minded would love mini binoculars, bags of golf tee, fold up stadium seats, and soft sided coolers. And all of these will have your business name and logo imprinted on them of course. For those living and working in the office cubicles there are interlocking puzzles, inflatable Frisbees, yoyos, baseball bat pens, tons of stressballs, and mini beach balls.

More useful and practical giveaways include hand sanitizer pens, rulers, bag clips, computer brushes, coasters, calculators, mouse pads, thermal coffee mugs, and sticky notes. All can be used daily at the office and can serve as a constant reminder about your company. You can never go wrong with free food. Bottled water with your company info on the label or a small box of mints will be a favorite for men. Bags of gum, candy, popcorn, and chocolates will revitalize tired tradeshow walkers.

If you are attending a small tradeshow and money is no object, these favorites will make a lasting impression on your male clients. Executive desk compasses and navigators are available in silver plate or mahogany. Power and full size binoculars are also a quality giveaway. Desk boxes filled with fine tea or chocolates will also be appreciated by your male clientele.

Be certain that everything you give out, be it budget minded gifts for the typical crowd or the more select executive gifts, has your business information imprinted on it somewhere. Then your information will be close by if one of these folks decides to give your business a try. For men there are lots of creative ideas, and with some good advertising the payback to your company should be substantial.

Source by Kris Ann