The world is said to be in the computer Age, Computer and computing technology is applied in every sector of Human Endeavour. The computer is a versatile machine that has the ability to combine speed, accuracy, simplicity, varsity and a host of other unique qualities to execute duties which in the past needs man material, time and hence money to accomplish.

The call for computer literacy is obvious, the world has turned to a digital nucleus, where every human activity is augmented with the aid of the computer. It is necessary therefore that you master the fundamental use of the computer.

There are many ways the knowledge of computer would benefit you, few are explained below.

–          OFFICE AUTOMATION: The computer has faced out the monotonous filling system in most offices, improved recording and help track progress in most modern office. To fit into such office environment, where even signatures have to be signed digitally, you have to be a computer literate.

–          JOB SEARCH: the computer, through the internet would employ and help connect you to companies and organizations that require your career. You can get latest Job vacancies and contract bids straight into your mail box. Knowledge of the computer is a major criterion here. Even if you land a job, you might be force to work under a junior and the risk of losing your job would be hovering around you if you are not a computer literate.

–          EDUCATION: There are so many computer programs that are tailored to serve every field of study. There is the student Encarta that serves as a general encyclopedia and a study guide, AutoCAD, Electronic Workbench for engineering students and practitioners and a host of other programs for each field. The computer aids learning and research, you don’t have to go to libraries to get your assignments, projects or research done, you can get them in a few clicks on the internet, but first you have to be a computer literate.

–          ENTERTAINMENT: The computer is the brain behind the entertainment industry today. Think of the shear pleasure of recording and auditing your own music, capturing and editing your videos. Think of playing games like real soccer (with your favorite club), board games like, chess, casino, action games like car racing, helicopter games. You can also not only watch TV with your computer, you have the option of saving them in your system to be watched at your convenience.

These are a few ways the computer can help you enjoy your life, More abound, more are still on the way, don’t be left out, Join the elites as we live the computer age.

Source by Anderson Agha