An artist need not join hands with a major record label to gain fame and fortune. With indie releases outnumbering major record companies today, this misapprehension is quickly fading. Indie record labels are not bound by any “contract obligations”. They run their own record labels and take care of their own publishing. It is all about being your own boss and not about making big bucks and perhaps, this explains why artists are no longer looking to score a major record deal.

Major record labels and independent music labels have their own distinctive way of functioning. When you get into a major record label contract, your artistic freedom gets curbed because such labels would have the final say on your content. Indie record label contracts don’t curtail your creative freedom, simply because they believe in you and your music. When you are a mainstream artist, it is very likely that your career may fall flat on its face if your record sales reach a slump. You may have to fight for attention from your label again. With music downloads on the rise, you cannot really anticipate what the future holds for you but coming to think of it, it is only the Internet that has brightened the future prospects of indie label contracts.

Today, indie record labels do not have to put up an uphill battle to spread their music. There are many online resources such as Tupelo Super Store that help independent labels take complete charge of their career. You can find the best deals with them for marketing your music even without any connection with a major record label. A dedicated team of music lovers like Tupelo Super Store makes it easy even for an indie music label to get tour supports, a strong fan following, avenues to sell their music, a good share of income, and more.

With artist-friendly companies like Tupelo Super Store into the equation, indie label contracts are definitely the way ahead.

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