The Infinity App trading system, also referred to as the, is a very dangerous piece of BO trading software. It may sound really good when you hear the name. Sure, who would like to make an unlimited amount of money? However, quite obviously, the truth is very far from this implication of being able to generate unlimited cash. Infinity App scam software is nothing more than another binary options scam meant to steal money from you. There is nothing new about it that would set it apart from the rest.

Also, there certainly is not a single thing that would attract us to this horrible program. The Infinity trading app, A.K.A the Unlimited System is just another low down money stealing scheme meant to victimize and take advantage of everyday people simply looking to make some extra money on the side. Our Infinity App scam review is going to reveal exactly why this BO and Forex trading system is so dangerous and why you need to stay very far away from it.

Mark Stevenson – Infinity App Scam “Creator”

One of the clearest indications that we get about the Infinity App system being a scam, has to do with the creator. We know him as Mark Stevenson, a big time business man, day trader, and binary options expert. He spins us some grand narrative of his whole life, mostly a bad sob story that we really could not care any less about. He goes on to reveal how he was the CEO of some big investment and trading firm known as Infinity App Enterprises.

Even better is Mark’s claim of having worked as a computer engineer and economics expert at NASA. Yes, that is right, this phony claims to have worked at the North American Space Association. Why someone who owns his own trading company and simultaneously works for a hugely popular space agency would ever leave to create something like the Infinity Trading App is far beyond our limit of comprehension.

Oh, that is right, we know why we can’t comprehend it, because it is all one giant and total load of crap! Nothing that this Stevenson guy tells is even remotely true, not even his own name! He has never owned an investment firm or trading company. Infinity App Enterprises does not exist or has ever existed on any business registry in the world. NASA has no record of him ever working there and we couldn’t find any info about him at all. Mark is two-bit actor with a made up name and fictitious personality with the intention of selling you Infinity App scam software, nothing more and nothing less.

Mark Stevenson - Infinity App Enterprises

How Does The Infinity Scam App Work?

That is a really good question, one we definitely want to find an answer to. Unfortunately for us and for you, there is no good answer as to the inner workings of this junk software. The explanation we are given is convoluted at best and downright horrible at worst. It simply does not make much sense nor does it tell us anything of value, not at all. The best we get is something along the lines of Infinity App uses high speed computers and modern trading methods to generate a profit.

Yeah, and the ocean is made of water and humans breathe oxygen. What we mean by this is that the Infinity App’s explanation for how it works is about as obvious and lackluster as it could possibly get. Of course we would expect fast computers and good trading strategies to be in place, but what do they really do? We are never really told how Infinity App software works and that is definitely a huge problem. You don’t give money to people when you don’t know what they are going to do with it or how they are going to do it!

Infinity App Software & Fake Profits

Yet another thing that came to our attention about this horrible trading system is that it clearly lies about what it can do for you. During the low budget presentation video we are “informed” that Infinity App scam software has an unrivaled 100% ITM rate. This would mean that literally every trade it ever makes is a winner. Obviously this simply can’t be true and is just a lie meant to lure unsuspecting beginners into the fold.

There is no trading system in the world that can win 100% of trades made. Markets involve risk, the risk of losing your investment. Nobody can win every trade all of the time or else the world market would literally crumble. Always being successful is just not the way that trading works. Rest assured, Infinity app scam software will not win all of the trades it makes, or for that matter, it probably won’t win any at all, that is if it actually makes any real trades to begin with.

Infinity App Scam Software – More LIES!

There are plenty of other red flags that were raised during our investigation of this pile of garbage. First off, we are told that this software has been available for several years now, and more so that hundreds of people have made millions of dollars with it. Well, a simple and quick domain registry check revealed that the system only became available this March. These crooks straight up lie to you when they say that Infinity App software has been in use for several years.

The Unlimited System / The Infinity App is a SCAM!

Just as fake as the supposed creation and registration date of the Infinity website is the array of people being used to provide testimonials. To make a long story short, all of the people leaving Infinity App user testimonials are just as phony and fictitious as Mark Stevenson. Everyone you ever see in relation to this software is a fraud.

Infinity App Review – The Verdict

The one and only highly obvious verdict anyone could ever come to about Infinity App trading software is that it is a total scam. This “service” a term which in this case we use very loosely, has one intention, and that is to “relieve” you of your money, another word used in a very loose sense!

Perhaps the most alarming fact about the Infinity App is that it’s an extremely popular website. At the time of writing, their global Alexa rank was 6,894. Most of their traffic came from Qatar, South Korea, Oman, Kuwait and Malaysia.

Review Verdict: Infinity App / The Unlimited System is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

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