Infinity App scam software is yet another horrible trading program that we are lead to believe is the real deal. However, the truth could not be any further from what is advertised here. Infinity App scam is just a money stealing scheme lead by a group of crooks just like most other programs out there. Sure, it sounds really good when we listen to the presentation, at least if we decide to shut off our logical thought and reasoning processes.

There are so many bogus and outlandish claims made by the criminals behind Infinity App scam software that we barely know where to start. If you are thinking of trading in the world of binary options, and you are thinking of using Infinity App scam software, think again, because you will undoubtedly lose every last penny that you invest. This is the Infinity App scam review and we are here to tell you to stay away from this stinky pile of junk.

How Does Infinity Scam Software Work?

This is a very important question indeed, one which we do not have any answers for. How a program like Infinity App scam software works is perhaps the most important thing that we want to know when deciding whether to invest or not. It is important because there are so many programs out there, various methods, differing strategies, and much more to consider. The inner workings of an automated trading platform go a long way in deciding how successful it will be, and ultimately how profitable your daily trades are.

The problem here is that we are given a totally convoluted and senseless explanation as to how Infinity App scam software works. The only thing we are ever informed of is that this program makes trades, it makes them fast, and it makes a profit. We’re also told that this software uses state of the art technology combined with lighting faster computers.

Don’t get us wrong, at first glance this all sounds very nice, but upon some deconstruction and careful thought, you will quickly realize just how useless all of this is. What strategies, methods, algorithms, indicators, and analysis tools are in place? We really don’t know because we are never given the opportunity to know. That is more than enough to keep us away from this ludicrous pile of horse dung!


Infinity App Scam Software – Obvious Lies

The next clear indication that this is a total scam is the fact that they advertise a totally fake creation date. The crooks behind Infinity App scam software claim that this program has been in use for several years now, that it has received a handful of prestigious awards, and that it has generated hundreds of millions of dollars since its inception.

The truth is much different. It really is a surprise that these people try to fool us into forking over our hard earned cash and at the same time make up such preposterous lies that are ridiculously easy to prove wrong. Well, a quick domain registry check confirmed our suspicions. The Infinity App scam website was only created and registered online in the middle of March.


We may not be mathematical protégés, but we sure as heck know that the middle of last march was not several years ago. We would have to be very dumb to invest our money with a program that lies right to our face about something so simple and so easy to disprove.

The Crook Behind The Crap – Infinity App Scam Software

Mark Stevenson is a total crook, a phony, and an imposter. He is supposedly the guy behind this crappy rip off that makes a shameful mockery of the whole world of binary options. Mark says that he is the owner and creator of Infinity App scam, that he is the CEO of some fake company called Infinity App Enterprisrs, and that he was also a special lead engineer for NASA, yes, that is right the North American Space Association.

Well, if Mark ever did work for NASA, we can see why he got fired, because he is a lying thief. This is all beside the point, because he obviously never did work at NASA. Moreover, there are no records to prove that this Infinity App Enterprises exists, nor is there any available info about Mark himself. To be clear, this is all just one big elaborate made up sham. IT’S ALL FAKE!


Infinity Scam Software – Impossible Profits

The final thing that is definitely worth mentioning about Infinity App scam software is that the promised profits and ITM rates are totally unachievable. We are actually told that this program, run by fake people, with a fake creation date, can generate up to 50K per day, every day, for every single last person using it. Do we have STUPID written across our foreheads or something?

Seriously, these scam artists must take us for completely moronic fools if they think that we would ever believe such a nonsensical claim. Oh, and the claim about a near 100% ITM rate, well, that just made us laugh so hard we started crying, after which we decided to obliterate this program with our stellar review.

Anyway, making that kind of money and maintaining those ITM rates is about as feasible as a hemp submarine with screen doors. It just won’t float! The best programs out there couldn’t hope to achieve a fraction of those profits in one day, so how is Infinity App scam software able to do it? IT CAN’T!


Infinity Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Infinity App scam is nothing more than a scheme, a dirty trick meant to lure unsuspecting investors into the lion’s den. Don’t invest money with this garbage program because you will pay for it, literally, with everything you have!

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epix binary final

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