Infinity Scalper trading software is a brand Forex trading platform that is certainly quite intriguing. It was released just a couple of days ago, yet has already made quite the splash in the Forex Trading pool. There is no denying that Forex trading is a really good way of making some extra cash on the side. Forex, or foreign exchange currency pairs, can indeed be quite lucrative when traded on properly. Of course, all of this is made much easier when you have a reliable trading program to use.

Today, we’re doing an in depth Infinity Scalper scam review to see what this particular program is all about. We aren’t going to get ahead of ourselves here and call it the best foreign exchange trading platform ever, but we also are not about to call it a scam yet either. There is a whole lot going on with Infinity Scalper software, and it is all important stuff that you do need to know about. The aim today is simply to analyze this new program and be as objective as we possibly. It does look like a decent system as far as we can tell. Anyway, let’s not waste any more time here and get right to it.

What Is The Infinity Scalper App?

The Infinity Scalper trading app, in simplest terms, is a new Forex trading tool that can be used to trade foreign exchange currency pairs. Now, there have been lots of programs that do this kind of thing, but none which promise the results that this one does, results that might actually be attainable under the right circumstances.

This particular app does have quite a wide array of features and options for you to choose from, something that most traders always like to see. The more options are present, the more people the program in questions is usually ideal for, plus it does help increase profit potential when you can manipulate the settings for your own benefit.

Infinity Scalper trading software does use a specific method of trading known as Forex scalping. This strategy has proved to be quite effective in the past when used properly, so chances are that it could very well do lots of good here too. There are many different aspects to this program that need to be looked at and analyzed, but until we have used it extensively, it is somewhat hard to tell just how well Infinity Scalper software works. In all reality, this Forex program does have a whole lot of possible potential when utilized in the right manner.

Infinity Scalper App – Who Runs The Show?

Of course, one of the more important things that needs to be observed when talking about a foreign exchange trading service like this one, is who is behind the program. Unfortunately, at this point in time, we do not know exactly who is behind this program, who created it, or who owns it. The information in terms of the people or companies involved is a little bit vague as far as we are concerned.

Now, we would really like to find out who is in charge here, an aspect which we will definitely continue to do more research on. Keep in mind that just because we have not found all of the relevant info yet does not mean that Infinity Scalper software is a rip off or a scam. Sometimes a lack of information just means that we have to do some more digging. It does not necessarily indicate anything bad. We will definitely keep you updated if and when we find something.

How Does The Infinity Scalper Program Work?

This is indeed quite a complex topic to address when it comes to this specific Forex trading tool. A lot of the information available on the website,, is somewhat jumbled and unclear. Also, many people who have looked at it up until this point seem to be somewhat confused as to how exactly this program functions. Luckily for you, we think that we have gotten to the bottom of it all. At the end of the day, the Infinity Scalper program is not actually quite as complicated as it seems. Let’s just take this one step at a time and talk about what you can do with it and how some of the functions work.

First off, this software can indeed trade on or with any currency pair out there, which seemingly quite impressive because not many Forex tools can actually do that. Moreover, it is said that this software works 100% in the M1 and M5 timeframes. So, that is what it does, not to talk about how exactly it does it.

Forex Scalping

More or less, the way trades are executed has to do with the long term and time tested Forex trading method of Forex scalping. Don’t be fooled. This is not a new type or way of making trades, and in fact has been around for quite a while. The upside to using this older trading method is that it is proven to work. In case you are unaware, Forex scalping simply involves making very small trades within very short time frames.

Instead of making just a few really big trades with longer time frames, you are diversifying your portfolio and making lots of short and little trades. At the end of the day, you could equate this to a stock market investor diversifying their investment portfolio. The real takeaway here is that this method of scalping or diversification helps to maximize profits and minimize the risk of loss.

Sure, you won’t make as much money on each trade, but there are lots of them to profit off of. And no, you won’t win all of the trades. Some will be losers, but when you do lose, the losses will be minimal. This method is then combined with several indicators and analytical tools employed by Infinity Scalper trading software in order to maximize the ITM or winning trade rate. There are a great many indicators, analytical tools, and technical and market analyzers which come into play here. It would take us forever to explain them all, but rest assured that they are present.

We do believe that Forex scalping is a great trading method, but do keep in mind that it depends how it is applied to Infinity Scalper trading software. Until some further research is done and this tool is tested extensively, the results could really go either way.

Infinity Scalper Software – Features Included

Infinity Scalper trading software does come with some other features too. Some may be useful and some may not. It is up to you to decide what to make of the info we provide you with.

The Infinity Scalper Pattern Recognizer – This feature recognizes all of the known candle patterns in the world and will send updates to your email or telephone.

Infinity Scalper Tactics – This is a 28 page book that explains different variations in the Forex scalping tactic, how to use them effectively, and when you should use them. It talks about different strategies that you can put to use to make a profit.

Divergence Pattern Recognizer – This feature gives you indications based on the spacing between the blue and red lines. It recognizes variances, gives you custom filter settings, hidden variations, reliable and deep variations, and more.

Trading Tools – You do get access to various forms of market news, indicators, oscillators, and other tools needed to determine which trades are the best to be made.

Infinity Scalper Software Review – Verdict

To be very honest, our verdict on this Forex trading tool is quite inconclusive. While there are no big red flags or clear indications that Infinity Scalper software is a scam, it is also not 100% certain that it is truly a reliable program. There are lots of positive signs and seemingly reliable info, so that is a good start, but there is some further testing required.

Although very new, the Infinity Scalper already gets a good amount of daily visitors, about 20% of which are US traders. Other countries where this software is currently popular are Nigeria, India, the UK and South Africa. According to, the global rank of the website was 820,647 at the time of writing.

If you too are planning to try this system, please make sure to share with us your experience by sending us an email or commenting below this Infinity Scalper review.

Try the InfinityScalper

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