There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than natural stone steps made from large stone slabs. The elegant natural stone steps add character and definition to your home. Natural stones have attained immense popularity worldwide due to its unique characteristics. The beauty, strength and low maintenance are the major factors that make them an excellent choice for stairway. Penn Blue Slabs, Penn Blue Flamed, Pebble Top, Glacier Pebble Top, Nordic Slabs, Elite Blue Granite Step, Orillia Limestone, Penn Blue Steppers etc have achieved impeccable success in designing remarkable stairs for many homes and work places.

Building stairs is a series of risers [the part your toe bumps] and treads [the sloping part between irregular steps]. While constructing stairways, the dimensions of treads and risers should be uniform. Uneven stairs can make you stumble. According to the experts, the tread should have an average of 14″ – 16″ in depth installed.

The large slabs of natural stones are widely used for making treads and risers. There should be a minimum width of 4 feet and a rise between 5″ – 8″ [try to use a +/- of 1 inch] in other words use a 5″-6″, 6″-7″ or 7″ –8″. The key to the natural stone slab step is “always make sure that the step slopes toward the front”, you don’t want water to stay at the back of the step[s]. The base of the steps should have ¾” clean crush stone and a geo-textile membrane to insure proper drainage.

When installing steps, functionality is the significant consideration. For effective staircase, extreme accuracy and safe design are essential key components. Always remember that the outcome of your finished product totally depends on the quality of construction material you used. To fashion even stairways, natural stone slabs have always been on the top since the ancient time. Natural stone staircase depicts aestheticism to the utmost level.

As stairways get dirty easily from dust, grit and other materials that are brought in from outdoors, it is essential to go for that material which will not cause any noticeable scratches over time and will be easy to clean. There is a wide variety of natural stone slabs to select from that are available in different colors, textures and shapes that can go with your outdoor requirements.

When it comes to high quality natural stone slabs in best price, Stone Haven is the name you can trust. Stone Haven offers a unique collection of natural stone slabs for building staircase of your home or office place. The company brings array of natural stone slabs that include Chocolate Sandstone, Dutch Choco Slabs, Glacier Limestone, Ontario Choco Slabs, Flamed Limestone, Ohio Barn Steps, Ontario Limestone Slab, Glacier Swept Top and many more to meet your requirements successfully.

You should possess the desired knowledge of available construction materials, latest trends, pros and cons of every type of natural stones before beginning construction. With in-depth knowledge and experience, Stone Haven guides you to make the right decision. Never make a mistake of thinking that as material will get covered with carpet that’s why no one will ever see it. For more information regarding installing natural stone slabs contact .

Source by Chris Gill