Before we get started with this scam review we would just like to take the time to thank Thomas Wood, Ashlee Stone and Mark Stephen for their inquiries regarding their experience with the Instant Wealth trading software that has recently entered the binary options fold. Now as many of you know there has been much speculation lately regarding the legitimacy of the binary options Instant Wealth software which is why we are gathered here today to set the record straight regarding the legitimacy of this binary options trading software.

Instant Wealth Insight

One of the most unfortunate characteristics regarding the binary options industry would be how far online marketers and scam artists will go to take advantage of newbie and experienced binary option investors. If it wasn’t for the inquires that we constantly receive from you guys we wouldn’t be here to help protect you and the binary options community from deceptive online trading scams like the Instant Wealth software.

Now chances are that if you are currently reading this review that you may have already been scammed by the Instant Wealth software and if that is the case we highly encourage you to leave us an inquiry here so we can do our best to get you your hard-earned money back.

Exposing Scam Marketing Techniques

Just like the majority of binary option scams that we expose here at Objective Binary Options the Instant Wealth trading software offers some of the most absurd claims that should be a dead giveaway that what they are offering is too good to be true.

Unfortunately though these claims oftentimes are positively endorsed by a number of online scam artists that specialize in providing you with fake positively written reviews and video testimonials in the hopes of gaining your trust so that way you will sign up with their desired broker, product, service or system. With that being said it should be known that there are no shortages online of these fake positively reviews on the Internet regarding the Instant Wealth software which is why we sincerely hope that you came across this honest review first.

Among one of the many claims stated by the Instant Wealth software would be how they claim you can make over $1,000,000 in only 27 days which is just about as ridiculous as it sounds. Just to clarify this claim that would mean that you would have to earn over $37,000 per day for those 27 days which as you can insinuate for yourself would be one heck of an exceptionally feat that is clearly too good to be true.

In addition, if you took the time to visit you would realize how elementary the website interface is along with how phony the testimonials are that are provided later on throughout the duration of their 16 minute pitch video. All the testimonials regarding Instant Wealth are fake and are paid actors from Fiverr who can be hired for as low as $5 from to provide fake testimonials. Perhaps the biggest red flag regarding the Instant Wealth trading software would be the complete and utter lack of transparency regarding the so called success that this trading software can supposedly generate.

To Conclude: Instant Wealth Is A Scam

The Instant Wealth trading software undoubtedly earns a spot on our binary options blacklist as one of the ridiculous binary option scams to enter the binary options fold. The complete lack of transparency along with the hired used of Fiverr actors to provide fake testimonials is proof enough that Instant Wealth is indeed a binary options scam.

Now for those of you who are actually looking for a legitimate way to supplement your income online through online day-trading please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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