The internet is all around us: at work, at home, on the go. An internet cafe is a business that offers one use of a computer with internet access. Charges for most internet cafés are calculated in minutes or hours. A café user can also often purchase an unlimited usage pass for a day or even a month. These cafés often operate as coffee or snack shops as well and make money by selling food and drinks.

For many people that need internet, the cost of wiring a line to their home or purchasing a wireless internet modem for individual use is just too expensive a personal cost to justify. Many people appreciate the advantage of an internet café. Since many have a need for low-cost internet service based on usage, you can make money by opening your own internet café.

Aside from the cost of personal internet service, many people also enjoy the privacy that an internet café allows. If you live in a dorm room with another person or in a home with four other people, "privacy" and "order" are not often words one would use to describe their internet experience.

What will it take to make money with an internet café?

An internet café has several computer stations connected to a LAN (Local Area Network). In addition to the hardware needed, you will also need to purchase high speed internet service for a business. This can accommodate multiple connections at one time. One additional feature you may want to add is a wireless router for those using their own laptops. The wireless use customer will need to get a password to access the internet. This way you can still make money by offering Wi-Fi. As an incentive, you may offer a discounted rate as they are not using your equipment. Many internet service providers offer Antivirus packages as part of their internet service. If they do not, factor in additional cost for an enterprise copy of antivirus software. Although start-up costs may seem expensive, you can still make money with an internet café because your costs are fixed and you will be charging for usage.

Internet cafés, also known as cybercafés can be set up in virtually any commercial location. You may find a consistent stream of clientele near a business district or college. Many corporations have limited internet access, so anyone wanting to check personal email or take care of any personal business would find it helpful to do it near their place of employment. Many colleges are often in a limited internet access environment as well. If they can get a computer to work on, they still may not be able to get to websites needed for research. You can also offer student discounts as a way to gain the repeat business.

With a prime location and high-speed internet service, you can be making money with your internet café in a matter of months. Research the internet for the latest hot trends in cybercafés and start putting your business plan together and begin scoping locations. An internet café is an easy, almost foolproof way to make money in today's "connected" society.

Source by Daniel M Schmidt