The game of Carrom is also called as Carroms which is known as a family game played on tabletop. This game has a similarity between the games, table shuffleboard and billiards. Carrom game has many kinds of names across the globe, such as carum, carrum, karam, karom, karum or simply called Indian finger billiards. The origin of this game is unsure; according to some sources this game of Carrom has an Indian origin, while some say that it has a Chinese origin. Countries like Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and North Africa seem to play a role for the origin of the Carrom game. However in the West this game is somewhat similar to billiards.

The game of Carrom is played on plain plywood which is about 74 centimeters or 29 inches. The border of the playing board in bounded with wood bumpers. Here instead of balls like in billiards, here wooden disks are used. It is also called as Carrom coins or pucks. Generally there only four types of coins, black, white, red and a striker. The aim of the game is to strike the coins with the help of the striker and move them into the corner pockets. The red colored coin/puck is called the ‘queen’. Carrom can be played with two to four players. The Carrom board has variations; it is available in smaller size for children and boards with larger corner pockets for beginners to learn the tricks and practice the game.

The American version of the game is quite different as the game is played with cue sticks with checkers or chess like patters in the middle of the board. You can note that, the corner pockets of the board are much larger than the traditional/original Carrom board. The American Carrom was played in 1950s and 1970s in South California, using larger square board and with cue sticks and wooden rings. The Filipino Carrom is played in Philippines which is called ‘pool table’ or ‘Karombola’. The Australian Carrom is similar to the Indian Carrom which is know by the trade mark ‘Puckpool’ which is played using hands without cue sticks. However the Australian Carrom is played only with eight coins, black and white coins plus with a queen or crown puck. The International Carrom Federation (ICF) is the international governing body for the game of Carrom, which has delegates from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Germany, Maldives and Switzerland. The ICF sets the Laws for the Carrom game.

Source by sreejos