is one of the safest and most reliable Forex brokers for online day-traders. Enforced and fully-compliant with numerous regulatory agencies such as CySec, MiFID, FCA, BaFin and ACPR, you can rest assured knowing your money is in safe hands. No more worrying about whether or not you will receive your withdrawal with an online investment broker or if you will have to file a complaint with a federal authority. All of those worries are put aside for once with this amazing Forex and CFD broker for online investing! Want to learn more about and everything that this trading platform has to offer you? Continue reading our complete review to learn all the essentials and how investing with this broker can better your financial future!

Note: is currently only available in Europe and the UK. Overview

Smart investing, made simple is the slogan of and we can say without a doubt that this statement does hold true. Perhaps what is better than smart investing though would be safe investing which is of the utmost importance to this Forex broker. Many of you are familiar with the unregulated scam broker epidemic that we have been suffering from these past couple of years in both the binary options and Forex industry. Many of these unauthorized brokers are nothing more than fraudulent trading operations headquartered overseas that are created with the sole intention of stealing your money.

Luckily for you though, breaks that trend and offers a legitimate investment service that is SSL Encrypted so you know your personal and financial information is kept safe and not sold off to the highest bidder. Headquartered out of Limassol, Cyprus and founded in 2014, this Forex broker has offered safe and legal investment opportunities for day-traders from all walks of life with unparalleled trading features for the past 3 years. is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission “CySEC,” License No. 265/14, and their main office can be visited at 1 Chrysanthou Mylona and Griva Digeni Street, Panayides Building, 3030 Limasson, Cyprus. Trading Platform

The trading platform incorporated by this Forex and CFD (Contracts-For-Difference) broker is without a doubt the most appealing characteristic about this online investment broker. (Besides the fact that it is regulated and fully compliant with numerous regulatory agencies and safe to use). Compared to binary options where investment rates are generated by derivative values of market prices, all the rates reflected at are real-time market rates and you never trade against the broker. So what exactly does this mean for you? Well, it means that you don’t have to worry about price manipulation (which happens with unregulated brokers in binary options) and you can focus more of your time on executing high probability investments.

Now, there are two different methods of investing that an investor can use while using this CFD investment broker. The first method would be Simple where investors have access to over 60 commonly traded assets which take place in the form of currency pairs, indices, commodities and shares (stocks). Now, as you can imagine the Pro version supports all of the features of the Simple trading style but it offers more advantages such as advanced charting, over 100 technical indicators that can be applied along with more customization options when placing your trades.

We recommend for newbie online traders to get started with the Simple version and for more experienced day-traders who have a little bit more funds to get started with, we suggest trying out the Pro method. Regardless, both the Simple and Pro method offer a style of trading that isn’t offered by any binary options or common Forex brokers which makes truly unique and state-of-the-art. A few other great advantages offered by this broker would be that investors can opt in to using Investment Strategies, the Portfolio Advisor, the Portfolio Builder along with fully-automated account trading. Supplementary Features

What truly separates this Forex and CFD broker from other online investment brokers would be the ability for traders to use various methods of investing along with a few special features that you won’t find anywhere else. There are 7 different strategies that can be used while using and they are as followed: Daily Trend, Divorcing Pairs, Momentum Algo, Smart APAC Indices, Smart EU Indices, Smart US Indices and Calm Algo. Now, just to clarify, these are free strategies offered by this broker and you are not limited from using your own strategies outside the ones provided to you. What is really unique and beneficial though would be that each of these strategies have a break down to help you better understand the effectiveness, risk and commonly traded assets so you can know how to properly use their free strategies. Strategy

The Portfolio Builder trading feature offered by this broker is the most commonly applied feature used by traders and there is a good reason for that. Now, just like with binary options, you know your risk prior to executing your investment, however there are a couple big advantages that this broker offers over any binary options or Forex broker. The first advantage being that you know all the risk prior to investing and you can customize your trade parameters and incorporate a stop loss and max profit scenario, these values are interchangeable and can be better understood in the image provided below. The second advantage and probably the most important one which we covered shortly earlier would be how you aren’t investing against the brokers and all of the rates are real-time market rates and not derivative-based prices. Trading Position

The Portfolio builder more or less is what you are essentially doing when you are trading with with the Simple method. So unless you have a little bit bigger of an initial deposit or possess a little bit more knowledge this is what most newbie traders stick with. The Portfolio Advisor feature on the other hand is where more of the incentives and advantages come into play. When using the Portfolio Advisor feature, you can have your account build in value and managed in an automated mode. The implementation of strategies are incorporated to manage your funds and returns are absolutely phenomenal with this account set up. Although it does require $1,500 to enroll and start with these particular incentives, it truly is worth every penny if you actually want to make good money with trading online. Demo Account

One of the best advantages about this new trading platform would be how it offers traders a free, no-strings-attached demo account. Not only will you receive $10,000 in practice funds, but you can also relax more knowing that the results that you achieve while practicing on the demo account are legitimate and not manipulated. We have seen quite a few times how trading platforms will manipulate the price of assets so that you become more likely to deposit with them, but due to’s strict regulation and regulation compliancy, this is not an issue with this online investment broker. In addition, all the rates are real-time and can be matched up with those rates given to us by the financial markets so all the results you achieve in the demo mode can be expected in a live mode. Quick Facts

Broker Name
Founded in 2014
Type of Platform Forex and CFD (Contracts-For-Difference)
Operated By GS Sharestocks Ltd.
Physical Address (Main Office) 1 Chrysanthou Mylona and Griva Digeni Street, Panayides Building, 3030 Limasson, Cyprus
Regulation CySEC, License No. 265/14.
Other Regulatory Compliance Entities FCA, ACPR, CONSOB, CNMV, BaFin, NBS, Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, Financial Supervisory Authority in Finland, Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway
Encrypted? SSL Encrypted and Secured!
Minimum Deposit $500.00
Minimum Trade Allowed $50.00
Customer and Trader Support 24/7 Live Chat, Telephone and Email!
Supported Assets Stocks, Commodites, Indices & Currency Pairs
Insured? Yes, by the ICF (Investors Compensation Fund)
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Maestro, Discover and Bank Transfer
Demo? FREE
Stop-Loss Feature? Yes, you decide how much you set your stop-loss too!  GREAT for NEWBIE traders!
Mobile App? iOS/Android
Withdrawal Protocols Up to 3 business days, account must be verified beforehand!
Accepted Demographics Europe and the UK
Services Portfolio Builder, Portfolio Advisor (Automated Capabilities), Simple, Pro and Proven Strategies
Fees Varying small investment fees (like with Forex where you pay per contract), 1.5% annual fee for accounts under $10,000 and .99% annual fee on accounts over $10,000.
Verdict Best Online Investment Broker of 2017.  Without Question. Regulations is operated by GS Sharestocks LTD., which is regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under the license number 265/14. Through their license this binary options broker in is full compliance with the following regulatory agencies listed: FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), ACPR, CONSOB, Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, CNMV (Comision Nacional Del Mercado De Valores), BaFin, The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the NBS (National Bank of Slovakia) and MiFID (European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). Regulation

No other online trading broker offers the compliance statutes engraved within the framework of They are also a member of the ICF (Investors Compensation Fund) which means they provide insurance to their investors. The main duty of the ICF fund is to protect investors by providing insurance which may secure claims against members of the fund in cases where members are unable to return funds owed to retail clients. So not only is regulated, fully complaint with almost a dozen regulatory agencies, but they offer a exceptionally strong encryption system so all of your information is safe! Can it get much better than that?

Is a good fit for you?

As long as you reside within a demographic region that is supported with this online investment broker (Europe and the UK), there honestly is not a more safe and user-friendly investment alternative than They offer insurance, are fully regulated and in compliance with a dozen regulatory agencies and offer a SSL Encrypted Security system so you are in safe hands. You aren’t investing against this online investment broker but with the financial markets and all the rates are real-time, let’s not forget there is a Free Demo Account as well. If you want the best bang for your buck and an reliable investment broker to get started with then is the broker of choice for you. Continue reading to learn how to get started with this revolutionary online trading platform! Afterthought

There are quite a bit of factors that an investor should take into consideration prior to depositing their money with an online investment broker. Many of you are familiar with the epidemic that we are facing against unregulated and fraudulent trading brokers that are doing nothing more than stealing money from innocent online day-traders. It is absolutely repulsive and infuriating which is why we only recommend that you get started with regulated and fully compliant brokers such as Although there aren’t currently any other trading platforms available that match the features and regulatory compliance practiced by there are still a few good ones out that can be visited on our List of Recommended Forex Brokers.

If you are interested in getting started with this CFD and Forex investment broker, we encourage you read the sign up steps provided to you below to ensure your sign up goes as smoothly as possible. Although this broker offers a little bit higher of an initial deposit to get started with, your money is actually safe and insured so you can rest assured at night knowing you can execute a withdrawal anytime you want and actually receive your money.

Regulatory agencies are only going to increase enforcement measures and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has also stepped up and will be helping to combat the wide number of fraudulent Forex and binary option operations currently present in the online investment industry. Which is why if you don’t have a regulated broker, we encourage you to execute a withdrawal immediately and sign up with only a regulated broker that is legal where you reside! If you aren’t sure which online investment services and brokers are safe for you to use please reach out to us directly at and we will gladly help you out for free! Remember only invest online with regulated brokers and make sure to take advantage of all the features offered by

How To Get Started With

  1. Visit to create an account.
  2. Provide your best email address, create a password, provide your first and last name along with your country of residence and lastly your mobile number.
  3. Click on “I am over 18” and “I have read, understood and accept the Legal Terms.” (only if you are only 18 and do accept the terms, obviously) then click on “Continue.”
  4. Fund your account and send in your verification documents after you receive your confirmation email.
  5. Start investing! Make sure to open a Free Demo Account as well to get use to the platform!
  6. Don’t forget to comment below this review and provide us with your testimonial and feedback!

If you have been scammed or feel like you have been cheated, please contact us immediately at and we will do everything in our power to get your hard-earned money back. General reminder, only sign up with regulated investment brokers whether it be for binary options, Forex, CFD (Contracts-For-Difference) or Vanilla Options. If you need more help learning how to get started on the best investment route then reach out to us and if you need a reliable service, please feel free to visit our Verified Service Provider Page for binary options or for Forex.

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