One of the best Forex brokers for online trading can be found at Operating in full compliance with a dozen regulatory agencies and regulated by CySEC, this Forex and CFDs (Contracts-For-Difference) broker is among the safest investment brokers of choice among European and UK investors. Now, I know many of you prefer user-friendly brokers that offer great payouts and I’m happy to say that offers some of the best payouts for any investment industry! Not to mention that the payout to risk ratio that can be achieved through this broker far exceed the typical payment structure of a binary options broker or your traditional Forex trading platform.

Note: is currently only available in Europe and the UK. Need-To-Knows

Operated out of Cyprus the physical main office address for can be visited at 1 Chrysanthou Mylona and Griva Digeni Street, Panayides Building, 3030 Limasson, Cyprus. Controlled by GS Sharestocks LTD while under the CySEC Licensing No. 265/14 verifies that is indeed a regulated and legitimate investment broker. What makes truly unique would be how this broker operates in complete compliance with 11 other regulatory agencies.

Other regulatory agencies that this Forex broker is operating in compliance with would be the ACPR, BaFIN, CONSOB, CNMV, Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland, Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and the FCA. This means that investors who reside within the UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia and other neighboring countries are able to safely use This broker also is fully complaint with MiFID (European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) and are a member of the ICF (Investors Compensation Fund) meaning that they provide insurance which may secure claims against members of the fund in particular cases.

Offering top of the line security through a SSL Encrypted Security system, you know your personal and financial information is safe, which unfortunately is a rare characteristic to come across in this day and age with online investment brokers. Now, the main reason why I am writing this Forex review for you guys would be because as many of you know the binary options industry is under a large amount of scrutiny lately. With most of the scrutiny directed towards unregulated binary option brokers and the deception of newbie traders, many regulatory agencies and federal authorities have picked up the fight to put an end to these unethical practices. Vs. Traditional Investment Brokers

Due to the enforcement of regulatory agencies many traders have not been allowed to invest with binary options anymore and some countries have even prohibited the investment of binary options due to unregulated scams taking root and stealing money from innocent traders. So although regulatory agencies and federal authorities have started working together to eliminate all scam brokers from the industry to make it a safer environment, it also has deterred many experienced and newbie investors away from binary options. Now, compared to most traditional Forex brokers that offer a complicated trading platform, offers one of the most simplistic trading platforms that even the vast majority of new traders could grasp quite easily.

Now, many of you may be familiar with how most Forex brokers operate in the sense that traders can only invest in currency pairs. Well, here is where one of the best advantages about comes into play with it being a hybrid investment broker. Due to offering Forex and CFDs, investors can trade the same variety of assets that binary option trading platforms offer such as stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs. Compared to just about every other binary options broker as well, with this broker you aren’t trading against the broker or other traders. When it comes to trading with, you are trading the financial markets, not some derivative based value that is generated by binary option brokers.

Trading Features

One of the best aspects about this broker would be the trading platform and the investment features that are offered with this hybrid broker. Offering traders with a more simplified way to handle online investments is one of the main priorities of Now, as I mentioned moments ago, since this broker offers Forex and CFDs, investors can trade the same assets that are offered through binary options. However, what makes a better choice than traditional binary option brokers, you may be wondering?

Well, for starters unlike with binary options where you have an all or nothing trading contract with a broker, with you are able to set up a custom stop loss and take profit margin, which allows you to minimize your losses while maximizing your earning potential. So for example, let’s say that you wanted to invest the commodity Gold with an investment amount equivalent to £50. You can set up your investment to have a take profit value between £5 to £100 with a stop loss structure varying between £5 to £50. - Trading Example

So if your investment generates a profit of £100, the profits will be automatically added to your account. However, let’s say you set your stop loss to £10 so if at anytime your investment is losing by a margin of at least £10.00 then your investment will automatically stop and the remaining £40.00 (minus the commission fee for the investment which are minimum) will be added to your account.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The withdrawal protocols are quite similar to the deposit methods, meaning that you can fund a trading account through all the normal types of deposit methods such as bank wire transfers, credit and debit cards along with a few other payment providers. MasterCard, Visa, Diners, Maestro and Discover cards are among the most common accepted payment methods. Online based payment services such as SOFORT (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland or Switzerland) or iDEAL (the Netherlands) are also accepted payment methods. Withdrawals can be executed through those same payment providers and typically are received with a 3 to 5 business day period.

Important Note: Withdrawals will only be executed after you have verified your identity to Many of you may be familiar with this requirement already and the main purpose for these measures would be to help reduce fraudulent activities, such as identity theft and illicit investment schemes.

Payouts and Features

Now, most of you have probably grown accustomed to the turbo options, classic options, high/low and in/out options that are common with just about every binary options broker. But operates in a different sense, meaning they mostly offer classic options that can be invested manually or if you deposit with $1,500 or more you can have your account automatically set up to build your portfolio and invest on your behalf. Keep in mind this bears zero similarity with binary option brokers that offer to invest on your behalf.

Many of you have probably no doubt come across where binary option brokers will contact you offering to invest on your behalf. They will try to tell you that when you make money with trading that they do as well but that is lie. The only time that binary option brokers make money would be when you lose money since you invest against the broker and other traders. However, with being a Forex and CFD broker, you aren’t investing against them but rather the financial markets like what occurs in every day-to-day stock market investments.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

With quality comes price and for those reasons in order to get started with, you need to have a minimum deposit of $500. However, after you fund and verify your account, you will receive free access to their Simple Account. With the Simple Account (mostly for newbie traders), you will be able to use the Portfolio Builder, their Investment Strategies and with being able to control your investment risks, you can select how much you wish to profit and how much you are willing to risk per trade. Portfolio

For those of you who are looking for a more professional start, you can get started with their Pro Account for $1,500 which allows investors every perk of the Simple Account but you will have advanced charting solutions incorporated into the trading platform, the ability to add technical indicators along with the ability to enroll in the Portfolio Advisor, which allows you to have your portfolio automated and strategies automatically implemented even when you aren’t around. You set up all the risk parameters to ensure your profit and loss ratio. So you stay in control over your funds which is above all importance. Review Conclusion

I’ve done more than my fair share of trading through a number of brokers all from different industries. I’ve traded with Forex, vanilla options, CFDs but mostly with binary option brokers and I understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with each style of investing and I know what to look for. Listen, if you want a good reliable broker that is the safest platform to trade with, offers outstanding customer support, new and unique trading features along with some of the best payouts available out of any investment broker then I encourage you to check out Investors of all experience levels can use their platform effectively and better yet, you can become acquainted with their trading platform through a free demo account below!

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