So your just not sure what kind of party you want to have yet, but you know that you want everyone of your friends from the block. Well its time to throw a Giant Block party with all off your friends. Play giant Tumbling Towers; stack the giant blocks one on top of another building a tower upto 4ft high. Then watch the loser lose their balance for the last block and toppling the giant wooden tower.

No block party will be the same. Buld the Tumbling Towers as high as you can. Skilled players have stacked 2 towers towers together creating mega towers that any adult will love. There are two size for the giant wood towers. There is huge which is a narrower tower that still pretty tall and only 25lbs total. Then there is set that is the Giant Tumbling Tower and its 53lbs. Thats the biggest set online and fan favorite. Especially since adults can decore the blocks any way they want. Friends and players can design the blocks with team colors or signitures of various messages from the party. Turn the Giant block stacking game into a drinking game or write your own truth/dare sayings on the wooden blocks. This giant party game will be a favorite at any party one throws. For the block or for the family this will entertain all the players. Another really great time to play this giant game is outdoors during BBQ’s, picnics, retreats or any outdoor pool party. These great outdoor games are available online and they ship totally free. One can buy these giant block games at   

Video your group having a great time building the tower then upload it on youtube to share with all your friends who havent partied yet. Giant Tumbling Towers will turn your block party into the best party yet. 

By now you have probably already decided what kind of games you want to have at your next party. Block party or not all of your fan favorites games will be at your party. Your big party or event will be your most memorible as if you haven’t expierenced these giant wooden block games at your local bar or friends party you shouldn’t be left out of the new growing trend for Tumbling Towers. 

Source by leibela