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Official website is: iosystem.co

IO System offers you the most profitable binary options software in the world. It is a trading patented algorithm that analyses billions of market variables 1 millionth of a second before your final auto trade expires. IO System works by using an auto trade mode and guarantee you $18.000.01 dollars per day, every day for the rest of your life. It is impossible to lose your trades ever and 100% legal. That’s bid sounds very alluring and we decide to investigate this further.

Who is Oliver Breitner?

Oliver Breitner is the founder CEO of Insured Outcome. He claims he become a millionaire by investing family business money to create a leading world software. Oliver Breitner doesn’t lose time and create the most powerful auto trading APP in the world. Once the software was ready it become very clear how powerful he is. The questions that arises immediately from the allegations of Oliver Breitner is the following. How the hell no one in binary options trading industry haven’t heard about this guy and his profitable IO System? And if this software allows you to gain $18.000.01 dollars a day by trading binary options, will not case a big interest from investors? The answer is NO, because IO System is one big lie and Scam.

Moreover, Oliver Breitner is the same scam artist presented Insured Trading Software and Insured Outcome Software. You can read our previous reviews about Insured Trading Software and Insured Outcome Software. This two are proven scams and the software presented now is the same like before, only the name has changed. Therefore, we cannot trust IO System, because it is definitely sure this is the next Scam with same bogus software.

How IO System Works?

IO System works by using a patented trading algorithm that’s analyses billions of market variables 1 millionth of a second before your final auto trade expires. If the IOP (insured outcome protocol) detects a risk within their parameters of over “zero point zero zero one %”, it places another trade in the opposite direction to break even. Full nonsense! We repeatedly say you cannot break even trades. The simply reason for that is because we don’t have 100% return rates in our trades. Normally return rates are 70% – 80% depending on the broker. This means if second trade is a win you will lose 20% – 30%. What happens when the second trade is a lost too? IO System place another trade and it is break even? Therefore, this people presenting IO System doesn’t understand the basic binary options trading principles. We will remind you that IO System is old Scam in new skin!!!

Disturbing things found!

Fabricated evidence for Oliver Breitner bank account, where we see that he gets transfer from Insure Outcome on 14 of April 2016. Quick search in whois.com database shows that domain iosystem.co which supports IO System is register on 18th May 2017. This is more than a year after this transfer!

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Moreover, this pretender claims that his Auto Trading App, since its live debut in 2014 has Never Lost a Trade! In fact, that’s why it’s called Insured Outcome! This is bullshit! How this Auto Trading App has been operational back in 2014, when domain for it is from 18 of May 2017. This is clear proof of a Scam! Therefore, this is fabricated evidence and it is  not trustworthy! IO System is already proven Scam service. Oliver Breitner seems like an actor and his allegations are unrealistic. Also he plays in few yet proven frauds.

More Alarming things!

Testimonials and Endorsements of IO System! At the bottom of the page you can notice a few people claiming to be happy members. They honestly saying, that IO System is the real deal! Unfortunately, quick Google search by these images ruins everything. They are all stock photos attached to names and fake claims. We don’t know why the scam creators keep using stock models for their testimonial part, but the move definitely doesn’t bring authority to the service. That’s enough evidence that we are dealing with Scam.  IO System is a terrible fraud.

 IO System Review, IO System Scam, IO System Review, iosystem.co

What happens when you register on iosystem.co website?

When you fill up the registration form with name and email, the system redirects you to a second video. Oliver Breitner is rushing you to join, by telling you only a few places are left. You have to invest $250 dollars and open a new broker account. IO System works only with their recommended broker. This broker offers you to double your investments.  Don’t fool your selves’ folk’s no one will give you money for nothing! To open your account, you will need tiny $250 dollars as he says! Who is that trusted broker this video presentation not specify! Not to mention that doubling of your initial investment will lock your trading account and you will not make a withdrawal until you meet all of the broker terms! Here on iosystem.co we cannot see these terms! Dealing with unregulated brokers can be very dangerous! This is dangerous SCAM!

IO System Scam Review – Conclusion!

Nothing inside iosystem.co is looking good! That IO System is a Scam and does not deserve your time and it is clearly with intention to loot your hard earn money! The crooks behind scams just change the actors, the domains and some names and words here and there, promise fast rewards, almost do nothing except registration, you stay at home and money starts to come to you themselves. If this was true, we all will be millionaires. The real world doesn’t work like that. We simply cannot let you sign up and lose anything with that Scam IO System!

Review Verdict: IO System is a Confirmed Scam! Be watchful and Avoid iosystem.co!

Binary Options can be turn into very lucrative income. Unfortunately, emerging markets attract too many liars, impostors and fake software! Therefore, make sure to always rely on good reputed help-trading tools and brokers! Binary Options newcomers must always consider registrations with free demo accounts with regulated brokers, until they are more confident to start with real accounts and money! We are trying to reveal all shady Scams, as soon as we can, so you folks can be worn in time!

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 IO System Review, IO System Scam, IO System Review, iosystem.co

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