Oliver Breitner is the crook who brings us the IO System Scam. Binary Options is no place to be unsure of the trading platform you are using. A bad trading platform can quickly lead to you losing almost everything you have. That is after all why we here at Binary Options Army do what we do, to warn you about the dangers of using various scam programs. Well, the IO System App is undoubtedly one of those very dangerous programs and we are going to tell you why. This is the IO System scam review and you need to hear what we have to say.

Yes, binary options can be fairly lucrative if you know what you are doing or if you have the right tools, neither of which is possible when using the IO System scam. Make no mistake about it, IO System software is a fraudulent scam meant to empty your trading account. These crooks make some pretty big and bold promises that we are about to debunk. Hold on to your horses because this is going to get bumpy!

What Is The IO System – How Does It Work?

Ok, so the IO System app is supposedly a highly profitable binary options trading platform, one which anybody can use to make thousands of dollars every single day. We are told that we can use the program free of cost and we don’t even need to know anything about binary options trading to be successful. Where the IO System scam differs from many other scams is that they actually try to give us an in depth explanation of how the program works.

Our problem with the explanation they give us is that we are experienced BO and Forex traders, so we know when people are talking out of their rear ends. What we realized about the IO System scam was that during the presentation video, the only explanation we are given is of binary options. Some newbie investors might not have caught on to this, but we did. In the section where the phony presenter “tells” us how the IO System app works, he simply describes to us what binary options is, how trading works, expiry times, and put and call options.

This is nothing more than a rudimentary explanation of binary options itself, not of IO System scam software. At the end of the day, we can see that this is a pile of nonsense and that IO System software is obviously a scam. They try to mask the fact that the software does not work, or not as intended anyway, by trying to confuse beginners by offering a tall tale on binary options. It’s funny because we have never heard somebody say so many words without actually saying anything of value. IT’S ALL JUST TRICKS!


Who Is Behind The IO System Scam?

Well, as far as we know, we don’t actually know who is behind this bogus trading program. Yes, in the presentation video we are greeted by some phony bologna guy who calls himself Oliver Breitner, but that really does not mean much at all. Oliver spins us some grand narrative of his life, how he used to be a big time investor, how he worked at some giant investment firms, and how he got tired of it all so he decided to create IO System software to help out the little guy.

Well, we have heard this story a millions times before and each time it gets less and less convincing. Nobody making millions of dollars at an investment firm leaves their cozy job to do something like this. Even more troubling is the fact that this Oliver guy never bothers to mention where he got his schooling and credentials, where he worked, or anything else of value.

The fact that this Breitner guy stays so vague is not convincing. What is really damning is the research we did on Oliver. Guess what, this guy is just a paid actor. There are no search results of any kind to be found about him except those related to this IO System Scam software. This guy was hired by the real criminals behind this bogus software so that the actual scammers behind it could stay hidden in the shadows.



What is perhaps the most ludicrous of all claims made by Oliver and his phony software is that we can make over $540,000 per month, or $4,000 per day using it. Hmm, something does not add up here. For a second let’s just put aside the question of whether generating that kind of cash is possible or not, and just focus on the math for a second. $4,000 per day, in no world, adds up to $540,000 per month. It just doesn’t! These scamming crooks can’t even get their numbers straight.

Moreover, being able to generate that kind of cash is not something that any binary options trading software can do. The best programs out there can muster something like $800 per day, which would be around $16,000 per month. That is only a fraction of what is promised by the IO System scam.

Furthermore, these crooks claim that IO System software has an average ITM rate of 97%. Once again, this is wholly impossible to achieve. There is not a single trading program out there that can ever achieve that kind of winning trade rate. Risk is always an inherent factor in the market and money does often get lost. Telling us that every trade, more or less, is going to be a winner, is absolutely ridiculous! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE THAT KIND OF WIN RATE OR THOSE PROFITS IN BINARY OPTIONS TRADING, NOT BY A LONG SHOT!


IO System Scam Review Conclusion

Besides the fact that these guys don’t even use reliable brokers, there is not a single aspect of this program which is legitimate, reliable, or trustworthy in any way, shape, or form. The promise of false profits, scam brokers, paid actors, and a non-existent trading strategy makes for one heck of a scam. IO SYSTEM SOFTWARE IS A SCAM!

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