When it comes down to it, there is no doubt in our minds or anybody else’s, IO System software is just a shell full of lies and empty promises. There is a whole lot of talking that goes on in the presentation video. None of that talk means anything at all. IO System scam software is rife with lies, fake actors, fictitious testimonials, bad brokers, and a whole lot more. This is supposed to be some kind of super powered binary options trading system, yet it is anything but that.

None of the info we are given is true, nor does it add anything of value, and most of it just does not make any sense. There is a good reason for doing an IO System scam review. It is to inform you of just how malicious this piece of BO trading software is. Beware, this software is meant to make your life hard and trick you out of your money. Investing money with this program may seem like a good idea at first. However, after you find out just how horrible this pile of junk trading system is, you will run away from it faster than if you just saw a real life ghost.

The IO System Scammer – Oliver Breitner

Oliver Breitner is the man whom we are told is the creator and CEO of IO System software. We could immediately tell that this guy is a total phony because of the way he talks. First off, he begins with some really long sob story of his oh so terrible life. He then continues on with his tale of how he rose above the adversity, went to school, got a degree, and started trading binary options. He goes on to inform us of how he worked at some huge investment firms, and then even owned his own smaller investment and trading company.

Oliver Breitner - Insured Outcome

Yet for some reason, he left his cushy job and high paying lifestyle to create this trading software. It is needless to say that none of what this clown said is even remotely true. Of course we had to do some digging around in terms of this Oliver guy. The results where underwhelming bad. What we mean to say is that we really could not find anything about him. The only search results we managed to come up with were directly related to IO System software. This is all beside the fact that he never tells us which school he went to, which firms he worked at, or what the name of his own company was.

According to the IO System video, Oliver Breitner is the CEO of Insured Outcome. Insured Outcome is another scam, which was exposed more than one year ago. These scammers didn’t even invest in a new video. They used the same video from Insured Outcome for their new scam, the IO Software.

This guy has never been to any kind of financial school, he didn’t work at any big firms, let alone own one, and he certainly did not create this garbage software. This man is a paid actor who was hired to read a barely comprehensible script. Seriously, if you are going to hire an actor, make sure the guy can at least read at a sixth grade level. Watch the video and you will know what we mean. Breitner sounds like he is borderline illiterate, which by itself is enough to cause our confidence in him to waver drastically.

How Is IO System Scam Software Supposed To Work?

So, this is another red flag that we stumbled across. Admittedly, we only realized this when we paid really close attention to the presentation video. We didn’t pay all that much attention to it the first time around seeing as it is clearly bogus. Anyway, when we really put our listening ears on we realized that Breitner never say anything remotely valuable or informative about IO System trading software. We want to know what a trading system does, how it operates, what strategies it uses etc..

However, when you really listen to what the paid actor has to say, it’s all just a convoluted and totally meaningless mess of words. He actually explains what binary options trading is, how it works, and the ins and outs of trading, to a certain degree. What the actor portraying Breitner neglects to mention is what the IO System app itself does. We are never told how this software functions so we are never going to invest money in it and neither should you.

IO System App – Unrealistic Goals

Now, we say that the crooks behind IO System software set some unrealistic goals, but they really are not unrealistic at all. For them to be unrealistic, they would have had to be said in seriousness. These crooks simply lie to everybody when they claim that their dumpster bin software can generate any amount of cash, let alone $4,000 per day. Yeah, that is right. The malicious con artists running the show actually expect us to believe that their lackluster BO trading program can generate four thousand dollars per day. What is even more ridiculous is the claim of being able to hold a constant ITM or winning trade rate of 97%

Both of these claims are total lies and they hold absolutely no merit whatsoever. Simply put, there is no trading program in the world that can do what IO System trading software claims it can do. It just is not possible to maintain ITM rates of 97%. Risk is always present in the market, and the best any trading system can do is around 85% to 88%, not 97%. Seriously, that would mean that virtually every single trade executed by it would be a winner. Equally as dumb is the promise of making $4,000 per day. It is simply impossible for any BO trading system to do what this malicious program claims to be able to do.

IO System Review Conclusion – It’s a dangerous SCAM!

There is only one conclusion that we can possible come to about IO System scam software. It is a total rip off meant to take as much money from you as you are willing to fork over. IO System software is nothing more than a giant lie, a scam, a way to steal your money!

Review Verdict:  IOSystem Software is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:  iosystem.cc

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