Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming an increasingly popular
marketing method and people worldwide are looking for the best affiliate programs
to join.

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IQ Option has one of the best affiliate programs for online trading out there, so if you’re looking for an established affiliate program to get on board with, IQ Option is definitely the way to go.

First thing’s first though. What is affiliate marketing and what exactly does the IQ Option affiliate program offer?

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What is an IQ Option
Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs allow you to partner with a certain brand
by promoting them, in order to earn a commission. This type of marketing is known
as affiliate marketing.

Being an IQ Option affiliate means you will be promoting IQ
Option on your website through what are known as affiliate links. Then, when a
customer clicks on that affiliate link and makes a deposit, you automatically
earn a commission.

IQ Option Affiliate Program

Why Be an IQ Option

IQ Option is a global brand that represents millions of
customers from over 175 countries and 13 languages. They will do all the work
for you by detecting the user’s language, location and device and automatically
send them to the suitable landing page.

Joining the IQ Option affiliate program not only means you
will truly be promoting a highly reputable brand that is known as one of the
best brokers in market, but you will be earning up to 70% of profit.

How Does the IQ Option
Affiliate Program Work?

If you decide to join and become an IQ affiliate, IQ Option
has two very attractive offers available for you to choose from.

  • 50%
    profit for all traders

This means you will be receiving half of the broker’s profit
for all your traders collectively – so 50% profit.

  • 40%
    profit for each trader separately

If you choose this offer, you will be receiving 40% of the
broker’s profit for each trader separately. This means the negative turnover of
one client will not affect the profit of another.

IQ Option affiliate program

IQ Option Affiliate:
Getting Started and Making up to 70% Profit

There are six simple steps to get started on being an IQ Option

  1. Join the IQ Option Affiliate Program and get your affiliate link
  2. Publish the IQ Option affiliate link on your website or blog through an ad or text hyperlink
  3. A user clicks on your link and IQ Option tags this user with your unique ID
  4. The user signs up to the IQ Option platform and begins trading
  5. You get up to 70% of IQ Option’s profit depending on your user’s trading activity
  6. Twice a month, IQ Option pays your earnings through your preferred payment system
IQ Option affiliate profit

It’s that simple. You can implement the IQ Option Affiliate
Program on both a web version and a mobile app and you will be able to analyze
your results in real-time using IQ Option reports and data filters.

As an IQ Option affiliate, you can’t have any negative balance.
Your revenue will consist only of profits that will be automatically
transferred via your preferred payment method twice a month.

If you’re looking to partner with one of the most reputable and established brokers in the market, IQ Option should definitely be top of your list. With their impressive profit margin and well-established affiliate program, we would advise you to go for it. You won’t regret it.   

Join the IQ Option affiliate program now!

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