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Fasten your seatbelts folks. IQ Option welcomes the summer season by announcing three binary options trading tournaments that are taking place RIGHT NOW on the IQ Option platform where a number of lucky participants will get the chance to win from the major $25,000 prize.

In celebration
of Copa America, the world’s oldest football competition and one of the most
prestigious championships in South America, the award-winning broker introduces
Copa IQ Option: a special month-long tournament with a massive
$25,000 prize
that is now live on the IQ Option trading platform.

The binary
options trading game doesn’t end there though. IQ Option raises the heat by hosting
another two trading tournaments with $5,000 and $3,000 prizes.

Before we move
on and give you all the juicy details and exactly how to participate, please
note that these IQ Option tournaments (including Copa IQ Option) are only
open to non-European (EU) traders
. Traders in the EU will not be able to
participate in any of the following competitions.

Now, without further a due, take a look at all three IQ Option sizzling hot tournaments below and find out how to win them.

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IQ Option: Celebrate Copa America with $25,000 Prize

Copa IQ Tournament Duration: June 10 – July 10 [LIVE NOW]
Prize Pool: $25,000
Entry Fee: $5
Rebuy: $5

IQ Option COPA Tournament

Tournament: Get the Chance to Win $5,000 for FREE

Free Tournament Duration: June 10 – July 10 [LIVE NOW]
Prize Pool: $5,000
Entry Fee: $0 (FREE)

Option Grand Prix: Fastest Profit of $3,000

Grand Prix Tournament Duration: June 21 – 23
Prize Pool: $3,000
Entry Fee: $2

Do the IQ Option Tournaments Work?

So, you’ve got
all the information you need on each binary options tournament, but how do they
work? How do you win these IQ Option prizes?

It’s pretty

Each IQ
tournament participant will get their own tournament account with the exact
same amount of money and equal conditions. All traders start with $10,000. When you begin
trading, you will be able to see the amount of money each tournament participant
has through the leaderboard in descending order.

The winner
will be the trader who manages to finish with the most amount of money in their
tournament account.

If you manage
to win a prize, the amount you win will be automatically transferred to your
real IQ Option account. Your chances to
win one of the hot IQ Option prizes are increased because there will not be
just one winner for each tournament. The prize pool is usually divided among 9
– 30 of the best traders.

In other words,
9 – 30 of the traders with the most money in their tournament account, will get
part of the prize pool. The exact number
of traders who will win a prize depends on the tournament. Certain tournaments
will give you the option to rebuy once or even multiple times to extend your

IQ Option Tournament win

Do I Win the Copa IQ Option Tournament?

It’s no secret
that the star of these IQ Option binary option competitions is Copa IQ Option,
the broker’s celebration of the major South American championship Copa America.

IQ Option is
offering a $25,000 prize to the winners of Copa IQ Option. So, the big question
is how can you be one of these lucky traders?

As explained
above, the winner is the trader with the most money in their tournament
account. How do you get the most money in this account? By trading binary
options of course.

Essentially, you will be trading binary options on the popular IQ Option platform through your own tournament account. If you have traded with IQ Option before, you have nothing to worry about. You will be already familiar with the trading platform and how it works.

If you’re new to trading or to the IQ Option platform, we would suggest you take a look at our IQ Option review to get an idea of how the platform works and what to expect.

This will
definitely give you an advantage over binary options traders who will be
joining the tournaments having never before seen the IQ Option interface. You,
on the other hand, will know exactly what to expect and will be only focusing
on one thing: winning that $25,000 prize.

Make sure to
join the race as soon as possible, as the Copa IQ Option tournament is now
, and you won’t have much time left to participate and start collecting
that money. The sooner you join, the higher your chances to win.

Above all,
these IQ Option binary options competitions are created for traders to have
fun, so try to make the most of it while you can.

Take part in an IQ Option binary options tournament now!

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