Before you sign up with the iRobot software SCAM for binary options, make sure you read our indisputable scam review! Community feedback suggests that we are dealing with yet again another OptionRobot rip-off and our user-experience confirms that we are dealing with yet again another scam. Don’t believe the critically acclaimed success rate of 85%, it is ill-founded, unverified and fabricated. Do yourself a favor by reading our in-depth review regarding all the illegitimate components of iRobot and why you should avoid this malicious scam!

Exposing iRobot Fraud

Hosted at, iRobot is a binary options auto trading system. It is evident on the site that the creators behind this software are claiming up to a 85% success rate although more often than not that never pans out. In fact, the average reported success rate with this scam would be just under 50%, well below the percentage needed to generate a profit, let alone break-even. Take a look for yourself for the results that we received when we signed up with the iRobot trading software.

Irobot Results

Perhaps one of the most misleading aspects displayed at would be how they claim that the system is 100% risk free and “free.” Let us put all our cards on the table here, not only is iRobot extremely risky and volatile, but it is certainly not free either. Just like with most binary option trading software, traders are required to sign up and fund a trading account with an assigned broker. As you may have guessed as well, the brokers assigned by iRobot require a minimum deposit of $250 and most of them have horrible reputations as brokers not operating with licenses.

In other words it means that you are involved with brokers that are operating illegally. Soliciting innocent day-traders out of their hard-earned money, iRobot has left a large list of victims behind their tracks. Don’t believe the hype and definitely do your best to not be gullible enough to believe any bogus fake reviews or “live” investing videos.  They are all made to make iRobot look like an amazing and trustworthy trading software but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

How Does iRobot Work?

Unfortunately we are forced to give props to the creators behind this system who went through extensive lengths to make their website look legit. Claiming to use the same exact technical indicators and trading methods as the original OptionRobot is not only deception but nothing further from the truth. Our experience alone taught us that not only was iRobot not accurate enough to generate a profit, but it also generated the same average trading results across the board no matter what active permutation of trading settings we had activated. Results

We believe the testimonials showcased at the iRobot website are all phony. No verified trading results are ever presented to us and we even used the same exact recommendations given to us by the live chat agent and no matter which combination of settings we altered the results were always the same, loss after loss. Not even establishing a 50% success rate is downright pitiful and proves that iRobot is just another OptionRobot impostor!

iRobot – Scam or Trustworthy?

Absolutely NOT! IRobot was created by thieving scam marketers who have nothing better to do with their lives than rip-off innocent day-traders. Don’t put your time, money and faith with iRobot because the only outcome you will experience is tragedy and sorrow. It is evident that the iRobot software for binary options is not trustworthy and is an auto trading scam! Not only are the trading results not what you hope for but the spam emails are just flat-out annoying!

iBinaryOptionsRobot Verdict – Rip-Off SCAM Exposed!

Although we wish iRobot would have been a profitable trading system for binary options, we can honestly say our experience with this scam has brought us nothing but misery and despair. No matter what some sites will promise or claim, trust your gut and don’t sign up with this ridiculous investment scam! Binary options investing can allow you to substantially supplement your income, but only if you follow proven and trusted service providers.

Review Verdict: iRobot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Best Alternative: OptionRobot – Most Trusted Software of 2017


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