When you talk to some people, they are very optimistic about their future.  They seem to have no clue about how their neighbor may be suffering because their home is about to be foreclosed, the husband or “bread winner” was laid off, the wife or partner or live in went from full time to part time employment, the children want to go to college in the fall but their savings and bank account is empty.  The optimist doesn’t recognize any of this.  Why should he?  His world is intact and like a very few others, his problems, if any, are not the breath of air to talk about.

     You talk to one who will quote the Bible and say, yes!  Doomsday is aroung the corner.  It is all written in the Book of Revelations.  If you talk to well read people who read one book after another about world politics, history and economics, they may not quote the Bible, but their opinion matches that of the ones who quote the Bible.

     Many questions written in capital leaders are being asked by many people and the answers differ like the trees in the forest.  Will America survive this recession that began in 2007-2008?  Can the national debt problem be really addressed and solved?  What about the Real Estate market and all the subprime mortgages and foreclosures?  Will the job market really improve?  Will the construction industry revive?  What is the truth behind the true value of the U.S. dollar?  Will China foreclose on America?  Will the dollar lose its’ place as the world’s reserve currency?  What about inflation?  Will we see a double digit increase in food cost?  Will our standard of living improve or get worse?

     Thousands if not millions of Americans and people around the world ask the above questions and have questions of their own.  Many questions have differing answers and some don’t even have answers.

     Recently one of the books I read was “Aftershock” by David Wiedemer, PhD.  This is his second book about our state of being.  He predicted in his first book, “Bubblequake”, the collapse of the Real Estate market, the collapse of the stock market in 2008,  the high unemployment and the decline of discretionary spending, which was exemplified by the purchase of the “adult toys”, monster RVs’ and 4,000 square foot “big foot” dwellings, just to name a few.  These were some of his predictions in 2006.  In “Aftershock”, he predicts the collapse of the “fiat dollar” and our national debt.

     He propagates more or less the value of Gold and Silver.  Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki(“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” books), Warren Buffet and many others are saying the same thing, buy Silver and gold!  Silver, for example, cost roughly $15 an ounce in January 2010,  Today it has reached $29, you figure!

     It hasn’t happened since the “fiat dollar” became our currency 150 years ago, but maybe one day soon we will shop again with a Silver “American Eagle” or a Gold “American Buffalo”.  It might even happen that with the “Krugerrand” you inherited from your father, that you can make a down payment on a new Ford, Cheverolet or Chrysler?

     Why not start saving these now and convince your family, friends and others to do the same?  If you Email me, I can help you get started on the path of new security.

Source by Peter M. Olsen