There has been a lot of chatter lately about a new online trading software for Forex called Epix Trader. Whether this system is really legit or not are among a few of the questions I will gladly and quickly answer for you in this brief Epix Trader scam review. The Epix Trader software was created around a Forex Expert Adviser (EA), which is a program used in charting solutions like MetaTrader4. The EA program worked effective and consistent enough that Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo, the creators of this EA and the Epix Trader software, decided to package the EA program up and make it available to you in the form of the Epix Trader software. Keep reading on if you have the time and want to learn more about this Forex software.

One aspect that I like about the Epix Trader would be how this Epix Trader EA was designed specifically for Forex and not binary options. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love binary options and providing my recommendations and experiences are what I am best known for. However, the Epix Trader works perfectly with Forex and I’ll tell you why. The first being that the Epix Trader EA is more compatible with medium to long-term options whereas with binary options most options are short to medium-term.  Secondly, with online Forex trading you are investing against the markets and not the brokers like you are with binary options which already raises your probability of success.

What I found quite peculiar about the Epix Trader would be how it is created by Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo.  These two lovebirds don’t have any Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, which I can understand from a privacy standpoint but I still found it questionable. Overlooking that fact I still decided to test the system out since I have found that Forex trading software tend to be much more reliable than binary option systems. Mostly due to the fact you aren’t trading against your trading platform but with the financial markets, or at least a small volume of the markets.

Luckily, I was demoing the EA Epix Trader software before trading my deposited funds, otherwise it would have been a disaster. After I dug a little bit further into this system and contacted Mark Evans through, he enlightened me more about how the EA functions and what sort of market conditions that you should use the system with. You see, what I learned about most systems would be that they just expect traders to sign up, deposit and start making money with their systems but they never actually teach users how to accurately use their system! I see this ALL THE TIME and I just don’t flat out understand it which is why I’ll share with you what I learn about the Epix Trader Forex software.

Many of you are use to all these systems coming out that are powered by some “magical” algorithm that are claiming that you can make “x” amount of dollars with “x” amount as your winning percentage. Truthfully, I see it with just about every system that I review and yes, it still irritates the heck out of me! At least with Epix Trader I know what powers this EA and allows the Epix Trader software to generate signals. The Epix Trader well-oiled software operates off of 5 different reversal indicating algorithms that when all agree for a SELL or BUY reversal then a signal is generated. If even 1 of these algorithms reflect a different prediction then the potential signal is scraped and disposed of, like it never even happened.

Epix Trader Results

Another thing that I didn’t like about the Epix Trader software before I forget about it would be how they say that they are generating success rates ranging between 70 to 93%. To be exact, the worst success rate I achieved in a live trading situation was 67% while my best trading day was 100% out of 5 trades each day. What is nice about the Epix Trader software would be that since it is FX (Forex), you can wait out the trade depending on what you have your stop-loss set too. So what would have maybe resulted in a losing trade with binary options can result in a winning trade with the Epix Trader software because it is for Forex.

From experience I have been able to generate a small profit just over $3k with the system in a 10 day period. Most of it would be because I am setting up high stop-loss values and maximum take profit values so the risk is a little bit higher but with the stop-loss variable it already serves as my risk reduction method.

Now, coming back to what Mark Evans told me about how to optimize your trading while using this software and what you won’t learn from other reviews or from According to Mark and to my trading results, the best time to use the Epix Trader software would be during intra-trading hours (where stock exchange hours merge with one another). Below is an image that may help you obtain a better understanding of the best market hours to use this software.

Market Hours

Another tip would be follow your asset and see if it is starting a new high or low throughout its trend. An example would be for those early-bird or night-owl investors who would prefer to trade right when the markets open/close. Depending on the direction of your asset’s trend, you can oftentimes line up a good number of signals with the Epix Trader EA and get some accurate trades placed. When I started utilizing this approach, I started averaging a 77% success and I am still achieving that success with the Epix Trader and 3 different Forex brokers now.

If you are looking for a professional way to conduct your online trading then I recommend every trader to check out the Epix Trader software. It doesn’t matter if you only trade binary options, bitcoins or old fashioned vanilla options. Maybe 1 out of every 100 trading software I come across for online investing are legit and actually generates profitable trading results. If you need a good and steady extra flow of income that requires only a little bit of effort and attention on your end then check out the Epix Trader software. Before I conclude this review I just want everyone to know that if you sign up with the system you will get a FREE VIP pass to join my Facebook Binary Options and Forex Signals Group that has almost 13,000 traders!

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Epix Trader is not available in the USA. US traders can either try out the OptionRobot Software but overall Nadex is your best option.

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