There is no doubt, especially, when taking into account the pace at which the Bitcoin value has risen over the last year, that the first crypto mining exchange is the undisputed market leader. But silver price holder Ethereum might turn out to be more important in the long run.

Let us take for example its utilized blockchain. It is faster, more secure, and even considered by many as being better than that of Satoshi Nakamoto’s currency miming software. It has paved the way for many legit crypto robots like the Ethereum Code System to appear on the world wide web.

While its price still soars below that of Bitcoin, it is quickly gaining momentum. Let us also not forget that Ethers were made available for free mining and crypto trading to the public in 2015. The first Altcoin to get an official market release, on the other hand, has been gathering popularity for nearly a decade now.

Did You Know?

People nowadays capitalize on current trends in scrypt mining and CFD trading like the Ethereum Code Software. But the most fortunate ones are those who were clever enough to purchase Ethers back in 2014. Vitalik Buterin, who is the founder of the blockchain platform, announced a pre-sale of Ethers before announcing the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Ethereum is Also a Programming Language

Many users are not even aware of the fact that Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency trading platform but also a programming language in itself. Its patterns and design specifics have been applied by many upscale companies who wish to improve communication between their different branches.

This is one of the many reasons why CFD trading robots like the Ethereum Code System which also operate on the cryptocurrency market are so popular currently. And while many anticipate the average Bitcoin value to begin to go down, that of Ethers is only expected to rise.

What are Ethers?

Ethers are not just the actual Altcoin which one can mine for on the crypto exchange platform. They can also be viewed as a virtual device for the conduct of different operations on Ethereum. Software developers use it in order to make their applications work and as a reliable method of monetizing their daily work.

This is, of course, the main purpose of the cryptocurrency – to act as a financial tool which replaces the regularly printed ones. The official website of Ethereum states that it can be used to ‘encrypt, decentralize, secure, and trade nearly everything’.

Introduction of the Hard Fork

One of the main differences between Bitcoin and its main adversary is the fact that one of them introduced the blockchain technology to the world, while the other enhanced it and turned it into a hard fork. But what is the latter exactly?

It is basically a radical change to the established protocol which allows for the turning of an invalid transaction into valid. The opposite is also possible. This increases the security levels and makes users feel completely safe. This is why it is wise to invest with crypto robots and CFD trading software like the Ethereum Code System.

Drawing the Line on Ethers

Hard forks are often applied for SSL measures. They can smoothly be implemented into an algorithm in order to correct previous mistakes which might impose a risk. This is one of the many reasons why users prefer to get started with Ethereum instead of Bitcoin. It is an enhanced and bettered version of what such platforms should be.

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