Is forex decimator a scam? You are about to find whether forex decimator is a scam or not. Forex decimator is a brand new forex trading software that is supposed to do all the trading work for you and help you make thousands of dollars from the stock markets. Forex decimator is not a scam but it is indeed new and not many have tried it yet, and the ones that have weren’t too impressed with what they have found when they paid full price for the forex decimator. There are many reviews saying how great the forex decimator is, but they are simply promoting Forex Decimator to make some quick money, they haven’t even bothered to thoroughly research it and try it before they started recommending it!

This is the problem, forex decimator is only new and there are no genuine reviews that actually explain what forex decimator is all about and the truth whether forex decimator is a scam or not. I am not saying forex decimator is a scam, but what i am saying is it’s only new and not many have tried it yet! There are other tried and tested forex programs such as the Ivy Bot ! Ivy Bot is highly sophisticated forex trading bot that is created on 5 different forex based software that is always right about it’s stock picks and always shows me what stocks will be making money. Ivy bot is highly recommended forex software by several forex websites and our review also, this software has being tested over the last 3 months and not once has it failed! We invested $2,000 in this program an it returned us just over $6,500 in that 3 months of testing! These results are simply amazing and we are still using Ivy Bot with now more than $20,000 invested and worked with by Ivy Bot!

Forex decimator is not a scam, but it hasn’t being tested by enough people to say 1005 whether it is successful at what it does or not. Instead try Ivy Bot, this software has being tested over and over and it works!

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Source by James Tame