FOREX Trading is the greatest home-based business potential available today, and maybe even in history. Let me show you why.

We just want to be clear about who this article is being written for. Anyone looking to start a home based business, or career, without risking a lot of money, but who is willing to put in the time necessary to achieve his or her goals.

FOREX Trading vs. Real Estate

One of the more popular home based business opportunities is real estate.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unappealing parts of the real estate business.

Real Estate:

Amount of Money Needed to Begin:

Regardless of what the infomercials have to say, it costs a great deal of money to get into the real estate business. Even the “No Money Down” systems expose you to an amazing amount of risk.

Whether you put money down or not, you are responsible to pay for the “product” you are purchasing.

If you are unable to find a way to produce revenue from your investment quickly, you will be paying a mortgage payment. It only takes a few months of mortgage payments to turn “No Money Down”, to “Some Money Down”, to “No Money Left”.

Amount of Time Needed to Begin:

Another lie repeated on infomercial after infomercial is that it only takes a few hours a week to begin making money in the real estate business.

We don’t want to speak for anyone else, but whom do they think they are kidding. So, let me get this straight…

o looking for a home online

o speaking to a realtor

o driving around your neighborhood

o speaking to a mortgage specialist

o and all of the other things you have to do on EACH AND EVERY HOUSE

All of these, combined, will only take me a few hours a week?

We think we are starting to see why such a large majority of home based businesses fail. It’s misleading to believe a halfhearted attempt will lead to success.

Amount of Knowledge Needed to Begin:

In order to succeed in the real estate business you have to obtain a wealth of knowledge. How do you fairly value a home? How long will it take to fix, and sell, a home? How much should lumber cost? How long does it take to install a sink?

Those are the simple questions. Zoning laws, contract laws, and tax laws are just some of the more complicated topics that you’ll need to understand.

The fact is, we can continue writing about the knowledge you need for days. Obviously, in order for you to succeed in real estate you need a wealth of information.

Amount of People Needed to Begin:

Unless you are completely familiar with all aspects of the real estate business already, you will run into one of a few problems:

o The amount of time it would take you to become familiar with all sides of real estate.

o The amount of money it would cost you to FAIL at the real estate business.

o Most likely, the amount of money it would cost you to build a team of people who are willing to “share” their knowledge with you.

Experts don’t come cheap, and without them you are helpless. In our opinion, this is one of the greatest shortcomings of the real estate business.

Your success, ultimately, lies in the hands of others. We can’t stress this enough…you financial future is dependent on the performance of a complete stranger.

FOREX Trading;

Amount of Money Needed to Begin:

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. $0.

If done right, you should not risk any money when learning to trade the FOREX. Again, we guess it’s only fair for us to explain. Without getting too technical, we want you to understand one very important point.

Whether you are trading with $1,000,000 or $0, the information and technology available to you is identical. You can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary free.

Not only is this uncommon in relationship to other home based business, it’s also unique in relation to other trading markets (There will be an entire article explaining the benefits of the FOREX markets vs. any of the other markets).

Amount of Time Needed to Begin:

Before diving into the answer, specifically, we think it’s important that you understand another concept unique to the FOREX. Twenty-four hours a day trading. That’s right, FOREX markets are trading 24 hours a day, from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

How does this help in answering the question at hand, how much time is needed to begin FOREX trading?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, in order to break into the real estate business requires a major commitment of time. Most of which has to happen between 9 AM and 5 PM. The fact is, you can’t speak to a realtor at 3 AM. Everything you do has to be around somebody else’s schedule. That means that 40 hours of work could take you 4 weeks.

Those same 40 hours, while learning FOREX Trading, might only take you 2 weeks. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. In addition, since there is substantially less needed to learn in order to succeed at FOREX Trading, 40 hours of work will put you much closer to success then it would in real estate.

Amount of Knowledge Needed to Begin:

As a FOREX trader you only need to acquire the knowledge that will be necessary for you to make money trading.

Why does this matter?

Let me answer this with an example. Why do my plants need water? Actually, we don’t know. To be more precise, none of us actually cares. However, we do know that if we don’t water them, they die. That fact alone gives me enough reason to water my plants.

This concept holds true in the FOREX markets. With all of the information available worldwide, it’s easy to get caught up in the non-important factors. Like, why do my plants need water? However, all you need to know are the exact steps to take in order to succeed. Like, water your plants.

This drastically limits the amount of time you must invest in learning to trade the FOREX.

Amount of People Needed to Begin:

Well, to attempt FOREX trading takes only you. To succeed at FOREX trading takes you and an educator. Combining these two pieces creates one of the simplest puzzles around.

Imagine trying to learn 2 + 2 = 4 without the guidance of a teacher. None of us would ever grasp this simple subject if left alone. In fact, we wouldn’t be able to communicate at all without the examples set forth to us by our parents.

Our entire lives are molded by the quality of the education and guidance we are provided. This holds true in FOREX Trading.

With an elite FOREX Trading Course, you are on the path to successful FOREX trading.

Ultimately, YOU determine your success. However, getting the right foundation and ongoing support will put all the odds in your favor.

Source by Eddie Yakubovich