Looking for an unbiased FXMasterBot review? Well, you found it. Since its inception on July 2017, FXMasterBot has received lots of negative reviews which are unfounded. To demystify the false FXMasterBot testimonials, our team of experts decided to dig deeper and learn more about FXMasterBot.com. In addition, they embarked on this research to prove that the negative reviews are biased with inconclusive verdicts.

Want to know what they discovered? Sit back and keep reading!

The FXMasterBot is a highly intuitive robot developed by experts for forex traders. As an investment web-based platform, it is equipped with advanced settings allowing forex traders to execute multiple trading strategies with confidence. The FXMasterBot software connects traders to international forex brokerages allowing the execution of trades manually or automatically.

To ensure traders have access to real time market data, FXMasterBot.com developers have integrated the platform with the industry’s best algorithm. As a result, the FXMasterBot software tracks the forex market 24/7. Access to real time data enables traders to implement and execute their trading strategies, perform technical analysis, determine entry and exit points. By leveraging the power of FXMasterBot, forex traders are now able to profit more than ever.

FxMasterBot Review : Features of FXMasterBot Automated Trading Robot

FXMasterBot Review

FXMasterBot Demo account

Let’s face it! We all have to start somewhere. The FXMasterBot Review website offers a demo account to all its users. With the demo account, forex traders can take the FXMasterBot system for a test drive. For starters, you don’t have to make any deposit. The FXMasterBot system provides you with virtual currencies (not cryptocurrencies) to trade with. As a result, your capital will not be at risk. This will be used once you have mastered the FXMasterBot software.

FXMasterBot.com provides historical data to demo users allowing them to simulate different trades and even try out any FXMasterBot strategy without risking their funds.

FXMasterBot  Three Trading Levels

FXMaster Bot Membership

Once you familiarize yourself with the FXMasterBot Automated Trading Robot, you can begin trading with real money. To provide a customer-centric experience, FXMasterBot Automated Trading Robot provides three trading levels namely:

  • FXMasterBot Novice
  • FXMasterBot Expert
  • FXMasterBot Master

The three trading levels are designed to fit with your trading experience. If you have never traded before and have just completed the free demo mode, then FXMasterBot Novice is perfect for you. If you have traded before specifically on other platforms, then start with FXMasterBot Expert or FXMasterBot Master.

Beginning from Novice level means you have the opportunity of upgrading to Expert and Master Levels. This is possible as your trading experience improves.

FXMasterBot Live Trading – Profitable Live Trading Signals

You may have come across this old business adage – money never sleeps. Well, in forex trading, this is true. There are different financial markets spread across the globe. They operate round the clock providing you with the opportunity of trading with unlimited financial instruments.

With the FXMasterBot Review Automated Trading Robot, you have access to real time trading signals and not end of day market data. Depending on your trading level, you can manually or automatically approve trades.

Advantages of FXMasterBot Automated Trading Robot

Forex Master Bot App

Secure Payment System

To trade at FXMasterBot.com, your account must be funded. FXMasterBot website developers understand how vulnerable insecure web platforms are to hackers. To ensure that customers’ funds cannot be accessed by unauthorized users, FXMasterBot developers have provided the most secure payment systems. They include major credit cards like Master Card, Visa and others.

Industry Best Trading Algorithm

Traders have access to trading signals 24/7 thanks to the integration of a professional trading algorithm with the FXMasterBot Review system. Not only does the bot keep track of the markets 24/7 but it delivers trading signals directly to your dashboard. From here, you can perform technical analysis and implement different trading strategies.

Mobile Trading

Today, you don’t have to spend hours in front of a computer monitoring different charts especially if you are not a day trader. As a swing trader, you can simply set a few orders – STOP LOSS and LIMIT – and let the system work for you. With mobile trading, you can now keep track of your account while on the move.

Free To Use

The FXMasterBot review software is free to use once you have deposited your funds with your broker. You don’t need the FXMasterBot download because it’s web-based. When combined with mobile trading, you can leverage the technology and take advantage of the markets.

FXMasterBot Free Demo Mode

As a rookie, you have the opportunity of taking the FXMasterBot website for a test drive just to get a feel of the settings and the platform as a whole. The free demo mode eliminates the chances of you risking your funds. You can simulate different trades using available historical data. In the end, you will learn which trading strategies to rely on and which to avoid.

How FXMasterBot Forex Auto Trading Robot Works

FX Master Bot Demo

To get started with FXMasterBot, create an account. Fill in your first name, last name and email. Click sign up to submit the form. As a rookie, you can activate demo mode and learn more about the FXMasterBot system. If you have basic trading experience, start as a Novice. Features available to you include access to multiple brokers, ability to trade 3 currency pairs, free trading signals and 3 open trades. Other investment levels you can upgrade to include Expert and Master.

Deposit $250 for Novice, $500 for Expert and $1,000 for Master to get started. Once the funds are in your broker’s account, activate manual or automatic trading.

A Brief about the FXMasterBot Creator / Team

As a powerful investment app, FXMasterBot.com was not created by investment brokers. We dug a little deeper to learn more about its creators or founders. Our researchers started by checking the about us page which provided information about FXMasterBot prowess as a forex trading robot. Not satisfied with the available information, our researchers accessed FXMasterBot Terms and Conditions webpage. Here, they stumbled upon the founder of FXMasterBot.

Well, it’s none other than FXMasterBot.com. What you ought to know is that FXMasterBot.com is regulated and adheres to FTC guidelines. Plus all your funds are deposited with your broker and not FXMasterBot.

Is FXMasterBot a Scam?

We can honestly say that the FXMasterBot scam is not real. You may be wondering how we came to that conclusion yet we could not name the founder of FXMasterBot. Well, our researchers signed up for a free account and after making a deposit with one of the supported brokers, they began trading. At the moment, FXMasterBot is supports the following brokers:

  •  OT Capital
  • 24Option
  • Trade Financial
  • iTrader
  • EuropeFX among others.

Our researchers traded with FXMasterBot and the profit earned was deposited with our respective brokers. According to our researchers, the experience was seamless.

Just to reiterate our stand. FXMasterBot scam is not real.

How To Join FXMasterBot & Pricing

Does FXMasterBot work? Yes it does. Enter your details on the available registration form. Activate your account using the link sent to your email. If you don’t have any trading experience, test drive FXMasterBot.com using demo mode without risking your funds. Alternatively, you can select one of the available investment levels:

  • FXMasterBot Novice – deposit $250
  • FXMasterBot Expert – deposit $500
  • FXMasterBot Master – deposit $1,000

The funds must be deposited with your broker because FXMasterBot.com does not accept deposits. Select one of the available trading modes: automatic and manual. With automatic trading, your work is already cut out for you. Simply set LIMIT and STOP LOSS orders plus the maximum and minimum number of traders you would like to execute during the trading hours.


Conclusion : – The FXMasterBot Autotrader is Profitable & Recommneded !!

FXMasterBot.com is probably one of the best investment systems that adheres to FTC guidelines, is regulated by the relevant authorities and it’s designed to cater to all forex traders regardless of their experience. According to our FXMasterBot review, the platform provides a free demo mode. With this, you don’t have to risk your funds. Simply sign up and start simulating different trades using available historical data. Once you are used to the system and how it works, upgrade to Novice. As the perfect solution for forex traders looking for a live trading platform, FXMasterBot.com also has Expert and Master Investment levels. This means you can upgrade your trading from a rookie to become the master.

Aside from its features, FXMasterBot.com is a highly reputable platform. Even though it does not feature FXMasterBot reviews and testimonials, we can truly attest to its credibility. Does FXMasterBot work? You can bet it does. Our researchers have taken FXMasterBot.com for a ride and all they have is praise for the platform. Not only is the FXMasterBot scam not real, FXMasterBot.com is a trading platform you can trust.


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