There are so many people looking to make money online or learn how to create a website to make money. That is the idea behind storesonline. But is storesonline a scam or are they a legitimate source of help for the person that wants to learn online marketing? Do they really do what they say and is what they charge really worth it? We will look over all these questions and more.

What Is StoresOnline

The idea behind stores online is a program that offers you a way to start your own websites and promote them online. They also offer hosting of the websites and customer support if you have problems or questions about running or promoting your sites. So, they are basically a coaching program that helps you bring a business presence to the online arena to promote a current business or start a new one.

How Much Does A StoresOnline Program Cost 

This is the way it works. You are first offered a free lunch and mp3 player to attend an educational seminar where they will teach you how to start your own website and make money with it. Next, at the seminar, after a very persuasive and flashy presentation, you are given a chance to purchase software that will help you start your online business. This software is claimed to be worth $199 but is being offered to you for $50 since you took the time to come to the presentation. 

You will be shown how the software works at the next conference. The next conference is where you are offered a chance to purchase your six sites and the other things you will need to run them successfully. This cost is nearly $7000 but I have heard of people spending as much as $13,000. Many people purchase the package because of the convincing speeches and the fact that they have invested some time learning about marketing a business online and figure these people obviously know what they are doing.

Does StoresOnline Deliver On Their Promises

There are always people that complain about being scammed even when its their own fault, so I take complaints with a grain of salt. But, I have never seen and heard so many complaints about a company.

The complaints are usually the same, websites that don’t function properly or take months to set up, unresponsive customer support, recurring charges on credit cards that were not agreed on, very high pressure sales at the conferences and grandiose claims that customers feel are never fulfilled.


So, is storesonline a scam or fraud. I can’t say its a scam because the information they offer is real and the websites they offer do work. The problem I have with storesonline is the large amounts of complaints and the fact that most of what they offer can be found for much cheaper. Also, the lack of support after the sale is big problem. If someone is starting a new venture and is unfamiliar with much of the process, good customer support is needed. 

If you do want to learn marketing online or start a website of your own, make sure you do your research and look around first. There are a lot of good coaching programs and mentors out there who can help you find success online. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the people you talk to about starting your website and they don’t use high pressure tactics to sell you. Make sure they have proof of how they are marketing successfully for themselves and can teach you the same marketing strategies.

Source by David Eigenfeld