Is weekly guide to making money online a scam? How many of you want to know if there is such a thing as one-week marketing plan to make money online? I bet, everyone who came across one-week action plan is wondering, if this can work?

That's what bothered me as well. For majority of us who want to make money from home it's really hard to determine if something that good is not a scam. At one point or another we all were making these first steps online, searching through many offers, buying a lot of junk products that promised you'll get rich "quickly". But what you really got was another lie; teaser that only shows you a little bit and you would need to buy the next great thing to learn more. Does this sound familiar?

So can one-week marketing planning be a scam? Plan that teachers you step-by-step how to create online income streams using free online methods? This is what most of us need! When we start online we are confused, overload with information and have not enough time to go through everything. But we really, really want to see this money coming right now! In fact if we do not see it now, we end up losing our steam and we will go back to where we came from. Then all our dreams will disappear. We wish we could have a real guide to show us what to do.

So is one-week marketing planning a scam? We really do not want to believe in it. If weekly guide with all the information on what you need to do every day of the week to build your profitable campaign or showing where to look for the product to promote is a scam? Is marketing plan showing you where to advertise and how to get indexed in matter of hours, how to get organic traffic from Goggle and how to use RSS feed to your advantage a waste of your time plan? What is then a daily action plan with all the steps listed and the daily checklist, so you do not miss anything? Even, the mind maps to see how everything is connected. One week marketing plan can not be a scam!

Source by Ivona R.