On September 27th, the Israeli Tax Authority released a statement regarding the arrest of Lawyer Nizar Alimi, a member of the Labor Party in Israel. His arrest by the Israeli police was in connection with alleged hidden income and unpaid tax revenues from Forex offshore companies, amounting to 3 million Euro. Nizar Alimi was also an adviser to Isaac Herzog, the former head of the labor party who ran against Binyamin Netanyahu for the role as Prime Minister of Israel in the 2015 election. Since Mr. Alimi is a well-known public figure, there was a gag order to prevent the news from coming out, it was officially lifted since Monday by an Israeli court.

Nizar Alimi was arrested in September 11th, 2017 and accused of running  up to 6 Forex companies catering to investors Internationally and systematically transferring the unreported profits to International Bank accounts, via company employees. Based on court records, he initially registered the offshore company Investment House Limited in 2011. The company was established in the Republic of the Seychelles, a known tax haven used by companies for the purpose of low taxation but often it’s used to evade taxes such as been alleged in this case, in other cases this practice is implemented in order to mask the true identity of companies who wish to remain anonymous. At this point the tax authorities failed to release the names of all companies associated with Nizar Alimi. Based on our independent research we found a blogspot page associated with Mr. Alimi with links to Forex websites and one binary options site that may be under his ownership such as: ibcfx.com, ihforex.com, ihoptions, tadect.com, tradectfx.com. The United States CFTC posted a warning against ihoptions for illegally catering to US clients without proper regulations.

Unfortunately we have a reason to believe that the arrest of Nizar Alimi was not associated with the actual deception and fraudulent activities! In reality the Israeli tax authority got involved due to the alleged attempt to hide 3 million Euros. After all, the arrest was due to tax evasion and Israel police had plenty of chances  to step in and arrest those who were involved in the deception of day-traders. Based on endless reviews we’ve seen on Google related to ihforex.com, it’s absolutely clear that the company engaged in shady business activities and deceived their members. These activities didn’t seem to bother any regulators, the police or government officials in Israel, they only got involved once Nizar Alimi was suspected of hiding the unpaid tax money.

It’s really mind-blowing to think that fraudulent, unregulated Forex and Binary Options brokers are in some cases created by public figures associated with the Israeli government. Could this be the reason why Israel let the shady side of the industry remain in operation for years? It’s possible at this point to assume that what is estimated to be a $5-$10 billion dollar  a year scam was not only perpetrated by shady businessmen and criminal elements, but possibly also by rogue members of government.

It’s important to note that Nizar Alimi is the only Labor Party member suspected of Tax Evasion related to Forex  or Binary Options in Israel at this time. In a previous article, we reported on the arrest of Lee Elbaz in JFK by the FBI,  in connection with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Currently she is on house arrest after posting a $1.8 million bail, as she faces years in prison for her role as the CEO of Yukom which operated the unregulated Spotoption broker, BinaryBook.com and other white-labels. While the Israeli government failed to properly investigate and bring the multi-million scammers to justice, the Feds seem to be closing in.

FBI and Witness testimonials and all details of this case:

The United States against Defendant Lee Elbaz– PDF

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