It has become a trend and fashion to buy things on the internet. Some people buy their clothes on the internet; some people buy their cosmetics on the internet. As a matter of fact, almost all the common things are sold on the internet. However the people around me seldom buy glasses on the internet. They will show the things they bought on the internet in front of me.

Different from them, I prefer to buy glasses on the internet, because I think that buying glasses on the internet will cost me less. Maybe you will have a question that if we buy glasses on the internet, how we can know the condition of our eyes. You are right. I do not buy the whole glasses on the internet. What I buy is just the glasses’ frames. Once I bought a pair of glasses in a glasses’ shop, later I surfed on the internet and found the same frame which cost much less than mine. I got angry.

Since than when I need to buy a pair of glasses, firstly I will surf on the internet and buy a cheap frame. And then I will buy the glasses’ lens in a good glasses’ shop. Sometimes the lens’ price is similar. And usually the shop will give us some promises. So if we find some problems, we can go to the shop directly at any time. but sometimes, the lens is cheap bought in the Internet. 


Even if the frame has something problems, which will not hurt our eyes and we can examine the frame firstly and then pay it. But we can hardly judge whether it is high qualified or not. So it is not a good idea to buy glasses’ lens in the internet except that you are not the myopia person and you buy the glasses just as to decorate yourself. Buying glasses on the internet is suitable to this kind of people. They can buy the cheap but fashionable glasses.

It is a little troublesome, but it really can save us some money and buy the high qualified glasses.

Source by Zoe